Traducción de enamel en Español:


esmalte, n.

Pronunciación /ɪˈnæməl//ɪˈnam(ə)l/


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    • 1.1(vitreous)

      esmalte masculino
      before noun enamel brooch prendedor esmaltado / de esmalte masculino
      • enamel saucepan cacerola esmaltada
      • Prepare in non-metallic containers such as glass, earthenware or enamel pots.
      • I held out the gun for him to take, its sleek black enamel glinting dully in the fluorescent light.
      • He is turning the taps now and the water spills into the enamel basin.
      • He had covered the falcon with black enamel to keep its value hidden.
      • Comparable plaques painted in enamels on copper are scarce.
      • The artists use acrylic enamel, which dries fast when heat is applied.
      • The translucent enamel back ground which looks almost black is in fact a dark burgundy.
      • Creamy appliance wax can be used on painted surfaces for protection and ease of cleaning, but is not needed on porcelain enamel surfaces.
      • She makes us thick, sweet, black tea in cracked enamel mugs.
      • Black enamel mixed with diamanté in art deco chandelier styles will look good with the op art inspired prints.
      • There's also a mix of natural wood and white porcelain, steel and glass, and the latest brightly coloured lacquer or enamel finishes.
      • Bright impervious surfaces in plaster, white paint, vitreous enamel, glass or stainless steel are not just cleanable but seen to be clean.
      • The enamel finish of the oddly crafted table also reveals the touch of a painter's hand.
      • In its original sense enamel is glass or vitreous paste fused to a prepared surface, usually of metal, by means of intense heat.
      • A baked synthetic resin enamel finish is applied to one or both sides over a chemical conversion coating.
      • Many of their 21st century residents still have to empty enamel chamber pots in public toilets every morning.
      • In the 19th century, all known translucent coloured enamels have a high lead content.
      • The earliest samples of enamel using glass can be traced to before 2,500 B.C. to the Sumerian and Egyptian civilisations.
      • The enamel finish is available in an array of colors to accent any kitchen.
      • Ting has used a range of materials including English bone china, glass, enamel and platinum.

    • 1.2also enamel paint

      esmalte masculino

    • 1.3(nail polish)

      esmalte de uñas masculino
      • The colour selected for nail enamel should usually accord to the colour of your lipstick or attire.
      • The cell suspension was put into it and the open edges were completely sealed with nail enamel.
      • Light pink nail enamel will make the hands even more charming.

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    esmalte masculino
    • Certain diets such as those rich in hard fruits or grasses leave tiny distinctive damage patterns on enamel surfaces.
    • Teeth form mainly from neuroectoderm and comprise a crown of insensitive enamel surrounding sensitive dentine and a root that has no enamel covering.
    • The bacteria digest the carbohydrates in the food and produce acid, which dissolves the tooth's enamel and causes a cavity.
    • It increases the fluoride content of the enamel of newly erupted teeth, thereby increasing the resistance of these teeth to caries.
    • High levels of cotinine, a byproduct of nicotine found in smoke, erode tooth enamel.
    • Although fluoride helps to strengthen the enamel, tooth decay from sugar still occurs.
    • Bacteria in dental plaque produce acid, which dissolve the minerals in the tooth enamel causing initial lesions and dental caries.
    • Drinking green tea actually makes tooth enamel tougher and more resistant to corrosive acid foods, and there is evidence that it reduces liver damage.
    • Dental caries occur when bacteria destroy the enamel surface of the tooth and cause decay.
    • Most of these features can be seen in the image of the developing dental enamel in the frog, Rana.
    • Dental decay is when bacteria in the mouth break down the enamel of a tooth.
    • And as a result they believe they will be able to develop new treatments to repair damaged tooth enamel and replace lost minerals.
    • Fluoride can considerably benefit dental health by strengthening the tooth enamel, making it more resistant to acid attacks that can cause tooth decay.
    • Tooth enamel, the hardest substance in our bodies, provides a durable coating for the softer dentin underneath.
    • Bacteria in plaque around teeth metabolize sugars rapidly, creating local areas of high acidity which erode tooth enamel.
    • The highly acidic nature of this drink also increases the risk of erosion of dental enamel.
    • There are two parts to a tooth: the crown, which is covered by enamel and is the visible part of the tooth, and the root, which lies underneath the gums.
    • Children born prematurely are likely to have enamel defects in both primary and permanent teeth.
    • Choose a supplement made without sugar and avoid chewable forms, as these can erode tooth enamel.
    • Human teeth are made up of four different types of tissue: pulp, dentin, enamel, and cementum.
    • The outer layer of enamel is an extremely hard, highly mineralized, crystalline structure that covers and protects the crown of the tooth.

verbo transitivoenamelled, enamelling, enameling, enameled

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    (pottery/brooch/saucepan) esmaltar
    • Egyptian pharaohs wore enameled jewelry, and the process was used to decorate metallic objects with color throughout the Middle Ages and Renaissance in Western Europe.
    • The buyer bought the diamond and blue enamelled brooch, in the shape of a key, as a surprise Christmas present for his wife.
    • Ordinary steel is a fairly good conductor of heat, and enamelled steel pans will cook evenly if the base is thick.
    • The frame is studded with eight table-cut diamonds, and the back is enamelled with a black trophy of arms.
    • The scabbard was decorated with patterns much similar to that of the hilt, and was enameled in a smooth glaze.
    • My teeth have always been creamy, so they need to be enamelled, but other than that I'm in good shape.
    • The crown is heavily enameled anteriorly, and the apex is broad and smoothly rounded.
    • With no porcelain blanks to decorate, enameling in Canton was also interrupted for roughly a decade.
    • I make enamelled jewellery and run the shop from which it is sold.
    • The copper bottle with the design of a European lady on each side is a masterpiece of Chinese enamelled art.
    • It's as tiny as a butter bean and individuals appear to have been exquisitely enamelled by different artists.
    • Templar links to the local area have been found at the Old Church in Maghera where a bronze enamelled plaque was found in the graveyard.
    • The egg is enamelled in cobalt blue on a shell of guilloche (elaborately patterned) sterling silver.
    • Hot and cold running water leads to a newly enameled green tub set on a thick stone slab.
    • Mothers or older sisters will love the pretty enamelled jewellery from Les Nereides.
    • Armoury was also enamelled in the Deccani style.
    • In 1961 a large 750 kw porcelain enamelling furnace and plant were installed - amongst the first in New Zealand.
    • His iron spear was enamelled, most unusually, in a Celtic style, and he was buried with a hanging bowl also in Celtic style.
    • Drop them into a stainless steel or enamelled cast-iron pan and add the sugar and water.
    • These are ground to powder and applied on the object to be enamelled.
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    (woodwork/furniture) lacar
    (woodwork/furniture) esmaltar
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    (fingernails) pintar