Traducción de enclave en Español:


enclave, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɛnˌkleɪv//ˈɑŋˌkleɪv//ˈɛnkleɪv/



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    enclave masculino
    a male enclave in a profession dominated by women un coto masculino en una profesión donde dominan las mujeres
    • While casinos were illegal in Hong Kong, they had taken deep root in the old Portuguese enclave.
    • Should we instead be encouraging the foundation of a series of autonomous, loosely interdependent ethnic enclaves?
    • Isolated European ethnic enclaves and insulated enclaves of privilege, however, have seen their boundaries opened.
    • Liberals see immigrant communities as ethnic enclaves that retard the development of American individualism.
    • Deep suspicions and fears continue to divide the people into ethnic enclaves.
    • So far we've left the struggle to a few dedicated activists in ethnic enclaves.
    • Because of its close proximity to work, immigrants settled on the Lower East Side, forming ethnic enclaves.
    • Delegates at the assembly were careful to emphasise that they didn't seek independence, but a semi-autonomous enclave within a federal Iraq.
    • Most islands are multiethnic, with large and small groups forming geographical enclaves.
    • But ethnic enclaves, unions, and competing values contributed to distinct cultures of consumption.
    • A century ago, in a multi-cultural America comprised of separate cultural enclaves, ethnic groups were more involved in the affairs of their own communities than the larger society.
    • Several Jewish enclaves already existed within the Holy Roman Empire (from Prague to Frankfurt) well before the sixteenth century.
    • For example, not all immigrants resided in ethnic enclaves close to ethnic retail outlets.
    • A world reputation for jobs, and a ‘welcome to the neighbourhood’ attitude has historically created a city of immigrants and ethnic enclaves.
    • San Marino is an Independent republic and enclave within northern Italy, with a population of 46,500.
    • In large urban areas, distinct ethnic enclaves such as the Polish, Irish, Jewish, and Italian communities persisted.
    • They settled in metropolitan areas including Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago, and formed organized ethnic enclaves throughout the nation.