Traducción de endear en Español:


Pronunciación /ɪnˈdɪə//ɛnˈdɪə//ɛnˈdɪr//ɪnˈdɪr/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    to endear oneself to sb granjearse el cariño de algn
    • this endeared her to everyone esto le granjeó el cariño de todos / la hizo muy querida
    • she doesn't endear herself to people no es una persona que se haga querer
    • She was a kind and loving woman and endeared herself to all who knew her.
    • And, on the rare occasions when he does show embarrassment, it is always of the sort which endears him to ladies of a certain age.
    • It is not a trait that endears Allen to neoconservatives, who regard him as intellectually vapid and ideologically bland.
    • Rather than causing Liberals to be disenchanted with him, this endears him to them even more.
    • This endears us to people, especially if we can laugh at our own mistakes.
    • She endeared herself to everyone, loved a game of cards and had a great interest in music and singing.
    • His love for children and affection for the sick have endeared him to all.
    • That's what makes her so special and endears her to me.
    • In fact, I have a feeling that what endears the place to me is its almost meticulous lack of trendy design.
    • Except for a symbolic burst of sunshine at the film's climax, the entire film was grey and cold and wet - and yet this somehow endears it to the viewer.
    • Patience, peace and a good heart endear you to family, friends and loved ones.
    • And we know that she endeared herself to everyone she met and was loved by so many in our community.
    • His smile of contentment endears him to all and he is hugely popular in music circles.
    • His genuine sympathy for the poor endears him to others.
    • Her hospitality and her love of people endeared her to all the people who booked to stay with her.
    • It goes without saying that it only endears him all the more to the fans.
    • He genuinely loved his people and they loved him in return, and that is what endeared him to the people of America.
    • Still, she has embraced this new role in the public eye with a positive spirit that endears her, both to the viewers and to the performers with whom she works.