Traducción de engrave en Español:


grabar, v.

Pronunciación /ɛnˈɡreɪv//ɪnˈɡreɪv//ɛnˈɡreɪv//ɪnˈɡreɪv/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (name/design/metal/glass) grabar
    to engrave sth with sth
    • he had the bracelet engraved with her name hizo grabar su nombre en la pulsera
    • to engrave sth on sth grabar algo en algo
    • the name engraved on the tombstone el nombre grabado en la lápida
    • Mr Moore, 59, employed to promote tourism and trade in London, said the 8in brass bell was clearly identifiable as his name was engraved on one side.
    • Towards the end of the 16th century in Germany, wine glasses are sophistically engraved as decoration.
    • Strange shapes were engraved on the walls, images of birds and feathers and eyes.
    • I earned a distinction of sorts - in the form of a glass plaque engraved with our coat of arms and the title of the prize - but receiving it didn't feel good.
    • I had this engraved glass partition installed, to separate my office from the rest of the passenger seats.
    • Floral designs formerly inlaid were now engraved and new designs including human figures and architectural scenes were introduced.
    • Charles Darwin once visited, and his words about the view have been engraved on a rock.
    • The stone memorial centrepiece is engraved with lines from William Shakespeare's 30th sonnet.
    • Large granite disks on the ground either side of the Line are engraved with poems from each of the countries.
    • The panels of bone inlay are engraved with animal designs, which retain traces of red, green, and yellow paint.
    • This particular knife was her pride and joy, a replica Knight's parrying dagger whose blade was finely engraved and sharp as a razor.
    • On each table was an engraved lead crystal glass.
    • After cooling and polishing, the glass is ready to be engraved or cut using traditional tools and techniques.
    • In the 19th century, numerous banks were set up throughout the country and were often engraved with a design identifying the locality.
    • Mr Smith was buried at Eastbrookend Cemetery, Dagenham, and his name was engraved on the headstone of his family plot at Dagenham Parish Churchyard.
    • She stared into her reflection, and then focused onto the giant ‘T’ and ‘A’ that were engraved into the glass.
    • The nine compound bowls have engraved designs.
    • Four letters were engraved inside the crystal: Kari.
    • Our glass was engraved and painted.
    • Sian's name has now been engraved on a plaque, which is kept in the chapel at the HMS Drake naval establishment, in Plymouth.
    • The name of my great uncle is engraved on the war memorial in Radcliffe, opposite what was the town hall.
    • At the end of the hallway I was pushed through a large metal door engraved with pictures.
    • Waiting for Sean in the clubhouse was a beautiful five wood golf club with a hickory shaft with his name engraved on its smooth surface.
    • The first character of the signature is badly engraved and hesitantly formed.
    • Sun designs were engraved all around it with a length of gold fabric going down the front and back from the belt.
    • The gravestone will be engraved with the name Gwen.
    • I engrave glass professionally, we both adore music and we shall undoubtedly travel.
    • Then I began to study the emblem; an amazingly intricate design was delicately engraved on its surface.
    • Since pipes played an important role in the lives of the Indians, many are elaborately carved or decorated wood, with bowls of finely engraved soapstone.
    • Their names have been engraved on a dry stone dyke at the museum.
    • A looping ‘V. E. D.’ was engraved onto the smooth surface of the compact, revealing the compact's owner.
    • We have seen two other examples of the waffle knife, both having different but equally elaborate engraved decorative designs.
    • The names of each one of the 30 countries have been engraved on the plain grey surface of the memorial.
    • Two rings of concave markings were engraved on its base and shoulder.
    • For a more elegant look, these engraved glasses will do the trick.
    • Symbolizing the Twin Towers, the walls will be engraved with the names of each victim in 4-inch letters.
    • A clear glass screen engraved by the artist enables a visual connection to be made between the two buildings.
    • The manufacturing process takes less than 15 minutes; and if a buyer wishes, a glass can be customised or engraved.
    • Beginning in the sixteenth century, the Venetians engraved some of their glasses using a tool with a diamond tip.
    • If she has indeed been chosen, the plate will already be engraved with the same information as each of yours.