Traducción de enquire en Español:


Pronunciación /ɪnˈkwaɪ(ə)r//ɛnˈkwaɪ(ə)r//ɪnˈkwʌɪə/

verbo transitivo y intransitivo

  • 1

    • We are here to enquire and to secure information and facts.
    • Having enquired at all car rental information desks at Dublin airport, the answer was the same.
    • They absorb every bit of information that is given and take the time to enquire and question.
    • Someone e-mailed me to enquire whether I thought it was a good investment strategy.
    • The next day, the Inspector and a few policemen visited the farm and enquired about the matter.
    • They wrote and enquired and searched for him but nobody could find him, so they had to appoint someone else.
    • Others write to enquire about old friends, or to do genealogical research.
    • I am writing to enquire about a piece of information that sounds to me like an urban legend.
    • She also enquired about my career plans and what I had studied in college.
    • ‘Then how do you explain your income tax return reports you sold only $40,000 worth of sandwiches’ the officer enquires.
    • Anyone requiring further information should enquire at the shop.
    • ‘It is a refreshing break from the serious stint,’ he accepts, when a reporter enquires about his rather long association with serious films.