Traducción de ensue en Español:


seguir, v.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈsu//ɛnˈsu//ɛnˈsjuː//ɪnˈsjuː/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    in the debate/struggle that ensued en el debate/el forcejeo que siguió / que tuvo lugar a continuación
    • Riots ensue and protesters issue a call for the government to step down.
    • Excited discussion ensued, the result of which was that we decided to dive again the next day.
    • A long argument will ensue between you and the cabbie and will result in you resolving never to take a cab again.
    • Arguments then ensue about physical presence and virtual absence.
    • We just laugh at the very idea of the fight that would ensue at the end of this.
    • A chase ensued and the men eventually abandoned the car and escaped into a forested area.
    • The bandits attack, a bloodbath ensues, and casualties are heavy.
    • Things would go back to normal for a while but then another fight would ensue.
    • Even more rumours would ensue, thus issuing the greater need to move as soon as possible.
    • Another tragedy ensues, after which he gives himself up to imprisonment for some years.
    • It is not the same as advanced development, although such development often ensues.
    • A short brisk fight ensued before he slipped the net under a nice plump rainbow trout.
    • Slightly raised eyebrows and the rolling of eyes ensued as a result of his less than pleasant remark.
    • Please visit the original post in order to read the many reactions that ensued.
    • The film takes the myth of the werewolf and transplants it into a small-town community and carnage ensues.
    • The clash ensues, with casualties on both sides, as people fall having been speared and hit by poison arrows.
    • There was a fine crowd present and a positive discussion ensued on proposed changes.
    • The champagne would flow and the seductive conversation would ensue.
    • It must ensue as a result of one's dedication to a cause greater than oneself.
    • Consequently, there can be a lot of competition during the negotiations that ensue afterwards.
  • 2ensuing present participle

    in the ensuing days en los días subsiguientes formal
    • in the ensuing fight en la pelea que tuvo lugar a continuación