Traducción de entire en Español:


entero, adj.

Pronunciación /ənˈtaɪ(ə)r//ɛnˈtʌɪə//ɪnˈtʌɪə/


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    an entire year un año entero
    • the entire village went to the dance todo el pueblo / el pueblo entero fue al baile
    • the entire proceeds will go to charity todo lo recaudado será destinado a obras de caridad
    • I nod and look around to see broken glass covering the entire room.
    • Note that this trick does not reduce the size of your file as a whole or make your entire sales content load faster.
    • One tiny mistake could take weeks to undo, a larger error could cause the entire ship irreparable damage.
    • Now, they are marketed as essential and whole supermarket aisles and entire shops are devoted to selling them.
    • As a result, individual lives, families, and entire cultures have been damaged by sin.
    • For an entire day, the whole village gets ready by hunting and cooking and such.
    • Even in the case of severe damage to the entire intestinal wall, tissues seem to regenerate well.
    • The lack of pricing power is cramping business and could end up damaging the entire economy.
    • I am afraid that a whole country, an entire people, will be destroyed for nothing.
    • The head teacher says that their entire budget for the whole of last year amounted to $16.
    • The fiber needs to be inspected along its entire length for damage before use.
    • I find it best to cache each object on a page separately, rather than caching the entire page as a whole.
    • It was finally Saturday, which meant the entire group had a whole day of freedom on their hands.
    • Dentists are routinely extracting entire sets of severely decayed teeth from toddlers under general anaesthetic.
    • Projecting growth over a whole century for the entire planet is just plain silly.
    • For one eerily glorious moment in time, the whole entire world seemed to be completely silent.
    • You can think that you ate a whole loaf and the entire thing is still there.
    • When one scholar violates that trust, it damages the legitimacy of the entire academy.
    • When crown tissue is infected and becomes decayed, the entire plant may wilt and die.
    • The entire knife feels solid and well made, and the blade is amazingly sharp.
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    (confidence) absoluto
    (confidence) total
    • This sounds like entire supposition, and I would like to know what reasoning is behind it.
    • This Agreement embodies the entire understanding of the Parties as it relates to the subject matter hereof.
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    • Because a crystalline solid is regular, we can see the inner form of the entire solid by looking at a fragment.