Traducción de Epicurean en Español:


epicúreo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌɛpəˈkjʊriən//ˌɛpəkjəˈriən//ˌɛpɪkjʊ(ə)ˈriːən/


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    • I don't consider one order of calamari and two glasses of water between two people in a German restaurant very epicurean.
    • Napoleon was a gourmet with several famous dishes attributed to his chef, and his countrymen spend a great deal of time and energy holing up for winter with a larder of epicurean proportions.
    • The International Arts Festival has only just finished when lo and behold, the Crab Festival is upon us - a day of feasting on delicious crabs claws, crab sandwiches and crabs cooked in all manner of epicurean delight.
    • It was an extraordinary breach of European epicurean etiquette that could not be allowed to go unchallenged.
    • In this age of dietary obsessions and national guilt about fat, the joy of eating and the quirks of the palate are seldom discussed, a dirty little epicurean secret.
    • While following this epicurean lifestyle, the people fail to nurture their inner self and land themselves in trouble.
    • She advised that I take a stroll into the centre of town where such epicurean delights as sausage suppers lathered in curry sauce were to be had.
    • And in the last decade, Sweden's pioneering and inventive cuisine has placed it among the world's top epicurean destinations.
    • But over the past decade the best chefs haven't been content to build a single epicurean temple.
    • It turns out that the world abounds in ideas for one-shot Epicurean breakfasts - the wedge of pate, the smoked duck breast, the tureen of menudo, the brace of marrow bones.
    • Take a break from gorp and beef jerky and make lunch on a day hike an epicurean feast.
    • Bored and whimsical, he indulges an idle, faintly epicurean interest in a beautiful boy sporting on the beach; then he is transfigured by epiphanic agony as the older man falls in love with the younger.
    • Thanks to my dear mum my pantry and freezer is stocked with a litany of epicurean failures.
    • For me, one of the most satisfying Epicurean experiences was the Bengali wedding feast - a lavish affair where everything served between the appetiser and the dessert delights the palate and all harmonise into a mouth-watering meal.
    • With traditional shop-keeping, this Elgin institution has been a purveyor of fine wines, cheeses, meats, Mediterranean goodies, unusual breads and other epicurean delights for nearly a century.
    • A moment in heaven is infinitely pleasurable, so even if heaven lasts no longer than that, that moment outweighs a lifetime of Epicurean pleasures.
    • To forgo the leisured lifestyle, to abstain from epicurean pleasures of over-indulgence, is no mean task.
    • Unlike the stuffy, overpriced hotel restaurants of yesteryear, the new dining options can stand up to the best epicurean eateries.
    • It asserted that epicurean delights come from God, as do the gifts of wisdom, knowledge, and joy.
    • I have to admit to a certain amount of epicurean bigotry here.
  • 2epicurean

    (tastes/pleasures) (de) sibarita
    (tastes/pleasures) epicúreo formal