Traducción de equivalent en Español:


equivalente, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪˈkwɪv(ə)l(ə)nt//əˈkwɪv(ə)lənt/


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    (size/value) equivalente
    to be equivalent to sth equivaler a algo
    • $100 US was roughly equivalent to £50 sterling 100 dólares americanos equivalían / eran equivalentes a unas 50 libras esterlinas
    • his request was equivalent to a demand su petición era poco menos que una exigencia
    • to be equivalent to-ing equivaler a + inf
    • it is equivalent to increasing our prices by 7% equivale a aumentar nuestros precios en un 7%
    • In return, the lessee gives one-third of the harvest or something of equivalent value to the owner.
    • These credits can be applied to medical services at Woodhull for an equivalent dollar value.
    • In return, any project that has benefited from the fund must spend the equivalent amount with creative businesses in Wales.
    • This gives the equivalent amounts of income respondents are prepared to give up or accept for a change in the level of another characteristic.
    • Add the equivalent amount of sugar and stir until sugar has dissolved.
    • The structure has eight cylindrical tubes that store the equivalent amount to that of moneybags.
    • As such, nominal practice selling prices are higher than equivalent cash values.
    • All they were obliged to do was to return an equivalent amount.
    • An equivalent amount of normal saline was added to control tubes in lieu of enzyme solution and processed similarly.
    • Farmers are now expecting prices to lift by an equivalent amount.
    • Of course, in that event, the broker would be unlikely to have paid the equivalent amount to the customer either.
    • But hang on to the receipt in case you want to exchange it for something of equivalent value in case you don't need that day or you've had it before.
    • Humans would have to eat two cloves of raw garlic a day to obtain the equivalent amount of allicin given to rats in the study.
    • But if nothing came to fruition, a fall of an equivalent amount could be on the cards.
    • Meat substitutes generally contain less protein than an equivalent amount of meat.
    • An equivalent amount of energy would be necessary to split the atom apart.
    • We will panic about being unable to afford to replace the boiler and then, on impulse, book a weekend in Ibiza that costs the equivalent amount.
    • Negative controls used equivalent amounts of RNA not subjected to reverse transcription.
    • Had he bought another home for his retirement within the city he would have paid the entire amount for an equivalent property.
    • They just wanted me to donate, monthly, the equivalent amount to half a bag of tea-bags.
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    (position/term) equivalente
    to be equivalent to sth ser el equivalente de algo
    • Asking any other sector to give us a viable price for our produce is equivalent to begging.
    • That is equivalent to the admission requirements of some Oxford and Cambridge colleges.
    • If other countries invade Syria, would that be in any way equivalent to Poland?
    • When he reaches the top of that he shadow boxes, all the while wearing a burden equivalent to a quarter of his own body weight.
    • An hour of walking in a pair of these trainers or sandals is apparently equivalent to three hours of hard exercise at the gym.
    • The shortfall next year alone would be equivalent to 4p on the basic rate of income tax.
    • The effect is equivalent to always rejecting the face-up card that is passed to you.
    • They are being asked to donate funds equivalent to a food or drink item from their establishment.
    • Aids currently causes deaths equivalent to the Holocaust every two years.
    • Additionally, the effect of watching fish was determined to be equivalent to the effect of hypnosis.
    • It seems somewhat equivalent to winning the midweek and weekend Lottery in the same week.
    • Every parent who wants one is given a voucher equivalent to the money that would be spent on educating his or her child.
    • A two-week holiday in school time is equivalent to nearly half a day a week of teaching for two terms.
    • That is equivalent to the same life reduction you would expect from smoking.
    • The income was equivalent to a two per cent council tax hike, Coun Galloway said.
    • This Mr Whitton presents to us as roughly equivalent to St Francis giving his possessions to the poor.
    • Each day, the race is the equivalent to running six continuous marathons with only nine litres of water.
    • This is equivalent to three bin bags of rubbish per household of four or less people.
    • Should I set out on such a journey, equivalent to sailing round the world single handed in a rowboat?
    • It was equivalent to approving violent actions to suppress our freedom of speech.


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    equivalente masculino
    there isn't an exact English equivalent for that word en inglés no hay (un) equivalente exacto de esa palabra
    • Opting out is the equivalent to handing back to your employer some of your rightful wages.
    • This second form of value is basically the equivalent of a signifying chain in semiotics.
    • The carnival is the equivalent to a big match day in terms of manpower, although it is usually peaceful.
    • Perhaps this is just the modern day equivalent to the old Charabanc trip to the sea side.
    • That sum is the equivalent to the entire GDP of all the countries in question.
    • The area sealed off is the equivalent to one quarter of the whole country, which shares a border with Iraq.
    • This amount is the equivalent of one part per billion in weight.
    • India was at last ready for a swadeshi equivalent to the New York or London Review of Books.
    • Any idea without an exact equivalent in sterling or status is automatically suspect and marks you as a fool.
    • Marias opens the piece by talking about how some phrases just don't have a similar equivalent in other languages.
    • We need urgently to develop our own homegrown equivalent to drive forward change.
    • This amount is the equivalent today to about $750, but in terms of rupees it is not an insignificant sum.
    • That is the equivalent to two dentists a week quitting NHS service in the area.
    • Money, the means of expression of value as a symbolic equivalent, is comparable, Marx said, to language.
    • The difference between the expected value and the certainty equivalent is the risk premium for the gamble.
    • Of course, words in one language don't always have exact equivalents in another.
    • This is surely the media equivalent to saying that the sun revolves around the earth.
    • In some instances this can amount up to the equivalent of two monthly premiums for the same portfolio.
    • The singers looked and sounded as if they weren't trying awfully hard - as if this was the musical equivalent of a gentle stroll in the park.
    • There is no tram equivalent to the National Railway Museum in York, but at least we have the pictures.