Traducción de eroticism en Español:


erotismo, n.

Pronunciación /ɪˈrɒtɪsɪz(ə)m//əˈrɑdəˌsɪzəm/


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    erotismo masculino
    • She is strong and beautiful, but her eroticism is restrained, her nipples toned down, their paleness an attenuated sign of disease.
    • But when eroticism goes public, something else happens.
    • His works of art were a scandal in his time because of the display of nudity and the subtle sexuality and eroticism.
    • Anyone who looks at Whitney's emblems is fascinated by their monumental dimension, but he/she is also allured by their eroticism and their violence.
    • However, there's another issue when you raise the question of eroticism, auto-eroticism or sexualization.
    • But her narrative gains from the tangible physicality of theatre and gleefully combines eroticism and wit.
    • In cyberspace, women's sexuality is portrayed as a weapon; her eroticism spells doom.
    • People who are initially excited about the eroticism will soon become tired of all this repetitive sensationalism.
    • What has remained a constant through all of his work, however, is its sensuality and eroticism.
    • There is subtle and pervasive eroticism in the film, but it is not particularly sensual or warming.
    • And in the body, that repository of desire, diasporic exile is used to unleash eroticism's transformative possibilities.
    • It's so easy to mock eroticism that you just have to hope people aren't going to pick on you.
    • In the sensual dance sequence we again witness safe eroticism at work.
    • Be it in a combination with sea and sand landscapes or spring flowers and violin, the female body emits tenderness, eroticism, warmth and sensuality.
    • The subtle, almost sublimated eroticism only amplifies the sexuality present in the works.
    • The vision excited my curiosity not by its eroticism but as a first glimpse of the ways women themselves perceive their bodies.
    • It is refreshingly unabashed in its sexuality and eroticism.
    • Contemporary art and architecture are again recognizing the sensuality and eroticism of matter.
    • Another typical representation of the mortal dangers inherent in the new mobility machines was eroticism: death was a lover, desired and eagerly anticipated.
    • In the new morality, the eroticism of Chinese lyrics was unabashed, polymorphous, and just plain sexy.