Traducción de escalation en Español:


escalada, n.

Pronunciación /ɛskəˈleɪʃ(ə)n//ˌɛskəˈleɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    (of war, violence) escalada femenino
    (of dispute) intensificación femenino
    • Jiang said the beatings represented a sharp escalation of a recent campaign by the Shanghai authorities to silence Mr. Zheng.
    • All signs point to an escalation of state repression over the next week.
    • The seizure marks a growing escalation.
    • Each side reacts to the actions of the other in a continuing escalation of reciprocal acts.
    • He said there were many factors responsible for escalation in militancy-related violence.
    • Any escalation in the war of words is clearly worrisome, of course.
    • The White House today blamed Hamas for the escalation of the violence in the Middle East.
    • But there is something quite desperate about the escalation of force.
    • Opposition leaders have also played a direct role in the escalation of violence.
    • Putting out an eerily similar editorial is liable to lead to escalation now.
    • Students are encouraged to draw conclusions about the likelihood of escalation.
    • Now Turkey is threatening an escalation of the conflict.
    • However, the nature of escalation of violence appears to be different.
    • In my experience there is always escalation in these sorts of problems.
    • I have in mind the escalation of violent quarrels and feuds, particularly in a tribal culture.
    • Fires come in three strengths, each phase an escalation of the last.
    • Commanders have vowed no repeat of such an escalation this time around.
    • But an atmosphere of rage in the Islamic world can only make escalation more likely.
    • And that then leads to the kind of escalation across the border that is quick likely.
    • Ignoring the patient can also lead to escalation.
  • 2

    (of costs)
    aumento masculino
    escalada femenino
    • "Suddenly we saw a massive escalation in their blood pressure to very dangerous levels," she said yesterday.
    • That is due to the escalation in house prices.
    • Later, escalation in steel prices forced the authorities to make a decision to increase the project cost, delaying work.
    • In cost escalation, Kerala is among the top states.
    • He said the issues behind the cost escalation were being addressed by the council chief executive.
    • The next step in technology escalation is the addition of a stand-alone personal computer.
    • Then my colleague asked a totally different question about the issue of price and the huge escalation in price since this time last year.
    • We felt that this was an insufficient strategy, given the continued escalation of HIV infections.
    • This report was understood to detail the escalation in human rights abuses since the presidential elections last March.
    • This is down from an annual escalation rate of 3.7% for the same quarter of 2002.
    • The increase on attacks against children is in line with the escalation in attacks on adults in the same period.
    • Today the cost has risen to $360 per square foot - a 62 percent escalation.
    • The political escalation of the Chinese exchange rate question raises difficult issues of a face saving nature for the Chinese government.
    • They appear to be at particular risk for initiation and escalation of marijuana and illicit drug use and consequences.
    • Burton gained a consort price, a rapid escalation in his acting fee; in return, he lent Taylor the glory of a classical stage tradition.
    • Successive governments have been clueless about the continuing escalation of crime in our nation.
    • It does not sprawl or dance across the page; there are no dizzy escalations or sudden wild drops.
    • In those days, the price of electricity was nominal, and few foresaw the major escalation of utility costs that lay ahead.
    • Clearly, the escalation of U. S. troops in Baghdad failed to meet its mission.
    • The bank has lifted its official interest rate in a move that could be the start of a series of interest rate escalations.