Traducción de escape velocity en Español:

escape velocity

velocidad de escape, n.


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    velocidad de escape femenino
    velocidad de liberación femenino
    • What would happen if the escape velocity of a planet were greater than the speed of light?
    • The work presented in these two papers formed the basis for a later study of black holes, showing that bodies of sufficiently large mass would have an escape velocity exceeding the speed of light and so could not be seen.
    • If the object slows down below a minimum orbital velocity, it will hit the planet; if it speeds up beyond a maximum escape velocity, it will move away from the planet permanently.
    • Both NASA and the Russian Space Agency were still playing around with chemical rockets, trying to beat the seventeen-thousand mile an hour escape velocity.
    • The underlying concept is simple: the launcher accelerates the capsule to escape velocity.