Traducción de escrow en Español:


fideicomiso, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɛskroʊ//ˈɛskrəʊ/


  • 1

    fideicomiso masculino
    to be in escrow estar en depósito / bajo la custodia de un tercero
    • The lender collects the payments and holds them in escrow until the taxes are due to be paid.
    • Following the release of the shares from escrow, the remaining balance of 948,733 shares will remain in escrow until March 16, 2008, at which time those shares will be also released from escrow.
    • If a vendor on the point of selling found an enforcement notice, he could either postpone exchange of contracts or put contracts in escrow until the appeal was brought.
    • To ease similar concerns in the past, transacting parties required sellers to put money in escrow, indemnifying buyers against future environmental liabilities.
    • He has since refused to return either the Minute Book or the share certificates that were to be held in escrow.
    • Unlike legitimate weapons held openly in escrow, illegitimate covert weapons would be usable.
    • Why not just put the $18 million in escrow and save what is still a significant insurance premium?