Traducción de esprit de corps en Español:

esprit de corps

espíritu de compañerismo, n.

Pronunciación /ɛˌspriː də ˈkɔː//ɛˌspri də ˈkɔr/


formal, literario

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    espíritu de compañerismo masculino
    esprit de corps masculino formal literario
    • The rodeo is a great way to unite soldiers' skills and build esprit de corps.
    • The event is a fantastic way for Army personnel to improve their fitness, marksmanship, team work, competitive spirit and esprit de corps in an environment that is both fun and challenging.
    • They are better paid than conscripts, they get more training and they have higher morale and more esprit de corps.
    • It is a key component of the notions of comradeship and esprit de corps which are characteristic of military self-image and organization.
    • Just as sharing information can build esprit de corps, withholding it can severely depress morale.
    • The esprit de corps from the committee chairman down to the civilian volunteers and property owners is terrific.
    • The fighting skill, courage and esprit de corps among the Chechen fighters, who were defending their homeland, contrasted with that of the average Russian soldier.
    • Morale, cohesion, esprit de corps and readiness plummeted as everyone addressed a new training cycle to absorb yet another batch of recruits.
    • Nonetheless, the railways did inspire a feeling of esprit de corps among those that worked for them, a spirit which survived until very recently.
    • They should help build teamwork, esprit de corps and unit pride.
    • There was a camaraderie of sorts, a sense of esprit de corps that could be affected and changed.
    • That puts Wall Street firms in the difficult position of somehow recapturing their esprit de corps at a time when many of their employees are suffering not just financially but also emotionally.
    • Nevertheless, that rivalry is the least of Australia's defence problems and, indeed, can have some positive features especially in developing esprit de corps.
    • Personal and financial connections were the prerequisites for the much-vaunted esprit de corps for which the Forest Service became famous.
    • The military realized some years ago, however, that explosive anger and unfair, degrading punishment develop neither esprit de corps nor mature soldiers.
    • Morale at the agency suffered badly under him, so the next chairman ideally would be someone who can quickly restore the agency's esprit de corps.
    • He said the main factors that attract people to submarines are the camaraderie or esprit de corps and the opportunity to assume a high level of responsibility at a relatively young age and rank.
    • ‘I now command a Service that has great traditions of dedication, courage, esprit de corps and success in both peace and war,’ he said.
    • Organizations today want to foster knowledge, deepen working relationships, and create a collaborative culture and esprit de corps.
    • Prolonged exposure to direct political governance has taken a huge toll on the professionalism and esprit de corps of the Nigerian Armed Forces made up of the army, the navy, and the air force.