Traducción de euro-MP en Español:


eurodiputado, n.

Pronunciación /ˈjʊərəʊɛmˌpiː//ˈjʊroʊɛmpi/


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    eurodiputado masculino
    eurodiputada femenino
    • One of the Labour Euro-MPs for Yorkshire and Humberside, he dropped a euro coin into a slot alongside a slot for £1 coins, and merrily pushed the trolley along the aisles.
    • A recommendation to the party's autumn conference will suggest that all MSPs, MPs, and Euro-MPs, should donate £250 per month to central party coffers.
    • Tory Euro-MPs yesterday launched a two-pronged drive to persuade the European Union to hold its own investigation.
    • Its 3 Euro-MPs have made not a ripple on politics over the last 5 years.
    • The 105-strong convention brings together national government ministers, Euro-MPs and academics and is due to deliver plans for a constitutional treaty in the summer.
    • The Yorkshire Euro-MP who has been the Tories' top man in Europe for the last four years is battling to keep his job, it was revealed last night.
    • In European states many of the leading national politicians have also served as Euro-MPs.
    • Today he travels to Brussels to see Tory Euro-MPs and meet health experts from across the European Union.
    • A YORKSHIRE Euro-MP has claimed Bradford Council has done nothing for Saltaire village since it won World Heritage Status a year ago.
    • British Euro-MPs were furious last night after the European Commission said it was powerless to intervene to stop asylum seekers illegally entering Britain through the Channel Tunnel.
    • Immediately after the hearing many Euro-MPs had come up to him to congratulate him on his performance - including several left-wing parliamentarians, but he is not naming names.
    • The Government's handling of the foot-and-mouth crisis traumatised farmers and broke animal welfare laws, according to a report to be adopted by Euro-MPs today.
    • The Euro-MP has pledged to continue his fight for a European approach to the issue.
    • While Harper was elected before any Greens in England, they have notched up three members of the London Assembly, three mayors, two Euro-MPs and hundreds of councillors.
    • The competition is open to councillors and Euro-MPs as well as MPs and members of the Scottish and Welsh assemblies.
    • The move triggers months of wrangling over federalism, the powers of Euro-MPs and a possible European Constitution - with nothing excluded from a debate in which the Internet will be used to encourage contributions from the public.
    • In fact, some Yorkshire Euro-MPs are even privately predicting that the participation level for the region's voters could hit the heady heights of 40 per cent.
    • Everyone - whether voting for local councillors or for Euro-MPs - will have to vote by post.
    • Business leaders in Yorkshire reacted angrily last night after Euro-MPs voted to scrap Britain's opt-out of the 48-hour working week.
    • But Euro-MPs in Strasbourg voted down plans to introduce performance scoreboards charting the record of airlines on delays, overbooking and even lost luggage.