Traducción de evangelism en Español:


evangelismo, n.

Pronunciación /əˈvændʒəˌlɪzəm//ɪˈvan(d)ʒ(ə)lɪz(ə)m/


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    evangelismo masculino
    • Without these four activities, our witness and evangelism will be less effective.
    • During these last six years we have been free to engage in evangelism and church-planting throughout Cambodia.
    • It should revitalize a grass-roots effort to truly make its case, not through Senators, but through personal relationships and church evangelism.
    • Should monasteries be seen, in the second place, as contributing to the life of the wider church through evangelism and missionary work?
    • Yet, the Baptist convention there brings Baptists together for evangelism and witness.
    • They saw that Christian evangelism and ethics do not form a dichotomy; rather, the paradigm is yet more complex.
    • His scholarly Bible translation, preaching and personal evangelism achieved a phenomenal amount for the kingdom of God.
    • She writes and speaks on the topics of evangelism, Christian education, and lay ministry.
    • He is in every sense a stereotypical representative of that Christian evangelism that really deserves the name of ‘fundamentalist’.
    • Is it any wonder that his work is being rediscovered in an America in which Christian evangelism is resurgent, and polls show that a majority believe in angels and demons?
    • The above passage has a great deal to say about evangelism and missionary work.
    • This is why personal evangelism was continuously an important vehicle for the gospel.
    • This has implications for all sorts of areas of Christian life, including evangelism.
    • The art and nature of personal evangelism were considered, showing it to be a Christian duty.
    • He views this as a lay ministry of evangelism as Christian and Turks intermingle within the conflicts of war.
    • Is the ultimate goal of evangelism to preach the gospel as the Bible instructs?
    • In America, a Methodist bishop said that Christian evangelism is arrogant and it can lead to hate crimes.
    • Why would proclamation of Jesus as a historical person assist Christian evangelism more than proclamation of a mythical figure?
    • The second problem is aggressive Christian evangelism.
    • Firstly, revival cannot be separated from evangelism, and in fact the giving of the Holy Spirit has everything to do with evangelism and witness.