Traducción de evasive en Español:


evasivo, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪˈveɪsɪv//əˈveɪsɪv/


  • 1

    (not direct, equivocal)
    (reply) evasivo
    when pressed for details, they became evasive cuando les exigieron detalles, empezaron a contestar con evasivas
    • The same evasive response comes from the authorities nearer the ground.
    • After a few months of evasive answers, they had all but given up.
    • Stephane appears genuinely interested in her music, although he is evasive and vague.
    • If this seems frustratingly elusive or evasive, remember the truth is always relative
    • Suzie takes the opportunity to ask him just what he is and in spite of his slippery, evasive answer, she does tell him to leave.
    • The most simple of questions elicited a long, complex and essentially evasive response in many, many instances.
    • At Westminster, a series of written questions has produced singularly evasive answers.
    • Not in the mood to be evasive or cryptic, she turned back to him, eyes glowing in the sun.
    • If this week's world appears frustratingly elusive or evasive, you're not wrong.
    • If the employer omits to reply, or is evasive or equivocal, the tribunal is entitled to make any inference it considers just and equitable.
    • My evasive answer didn't seem to satisfy him and he kept his grip on my arm.
    • The responses were less than evasive and way more engaging, to say the least.
    • Why will nobody answer her phone calls, and what has the evasive photographer Bruno got to hide?
    • Regulations that limit choice or impose costs on people invite evasive responses as much as compliant ones, sometimes more so.
    • He was boring, which is fine, but more seriously, he didn't know what he was talking about and he gave evasive answers.
    • Failure to answer, or providing evasive answers will count against the employer in a tribunal.
    • Too many of Bermuda's journalists are poodles, too polite and deferential to get a straight answer from an evasive MP.
    • When he brief the Subcommittee, his answers were both evasive and derisive.
    • He is evasive and answers the most simple questions with long winded often irrelevant explanations.
    • Yes, I'm wondering how he plans to win the public's trust when he is so evasive in answering questions.
  • 2

    to take evasive action realizar