Traducción de eventful en Español:


lleno de incidentes, adj.

Pronunciación /əˈvɛntfəl//ɪˈvɛntfʊl//ɪˈvɛntf(ə)l/


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    (journey) lleno de incidentes
    this has been an eventful week esta ha sido una semana llena de acontecimientos
    • she had an eventful life tuvo una vida rica en experiencias
    • In 1994 we had a busy and eventful year which began with a lengthy German tour.
    • She continued to have a happy but eventful life, using her nine lives to the full.
    • Today was one of those eventful and interesting days that we read about in novels and cheap self help books.
    • For any two people with reasonably eventful lives it is possible to find coincidences between them.
    • You can expect a happy and eventful time as you share memorable moments with the one you love.
    • Coupled with a sizeable thunderstorm drifting overhead just now, it's been quite an eventful afternoon.
    • It has been an eventful first few weeks for the new ambassador.
    • The coming week has been an eventful one in regional history from a couple of standpoints.
    • It's been a long and eventful past few months, full of everything that one expects summer to offer.
    • But in the end, it was an eventful journey for all those who dared to participate.
    • It has been a long, eventful and very interesting road for the three apprentices.
    • The rest of the week at work promises to be negatively eventful.
    • I wish I had more time to write about this experience as it was very eventful and I am still trying to work out how the whole thing made me feel.
    • It did not come as a surprise the actions and response of this Government in light of the eventful week we had.
    • However, it is probably fair to say they have been four of the most eventful years in the club's history.
    • In general, I like my Diplomacy games to be fast, violent affairs with compressed action and eventful play.
    • All in all, it had been an eventful walk on a sunny, frosty, December morning.
    • To die peacefully in one's sleep is no bad way to go, not at any age, leave alone at one hundred and one, full of rich and eventful years.
    • Enforcing follow-on was the right decision It has been an eventful Test match so far.
    • This has definitely been the most eventful year for me in a while, and it is a standout year even in a period of eventful years!
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