Traducción de everybody en Español:


todos, pron.

Pronunciación /ˈɛvriˌbədi//ˈɛvriˌbɑdi//ˈɛvrɪbɒdi/


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    is everybody agreed? ¿están todos de acuerdo?
    • is that everybody? ¿están todos?
    • everybody thinks they're / he's worse off than everybody else todos piensan que están peor que todos los demás
    • everybody has his or her own particular way of doing things cada uno tiene su forma de hacer las cosas
    • everybody else had gone todos los demás se habían ido
    • everybody who / that was present todos los (que estaban) presentes
    • everybody in the hall stood up la sala entera se puso de pie
    • not everybody gets an opportunity like this no todo el mundo tiene una oportunidad así
    • That was one bit of trouble but everybody forgets that I was found not guilty in my verdict.
    • I live in an ordinary house because I want my kids to feel normal like everybody else.
    • Here some of the public rights of way have vanished and everybody uses the tracks.
    • It was a very simple idea but it worked brilliantly because everybody could take part.
    • If everybody comes under the one umbrella, it is easier to get the structure right.
    • On every subject there are always two views, and everybody should be allowed a view.
    • There is also a kind of equality in the knowledge that the evening will cost everybody the same.
    • So our system cunningly presented everybody with a chance to be big, in one way or another.
    • I see myself as part of a squad rather than as an individual and everybody will have his own role.
    • He has a great sense of humour and lots of friends and this is obviously quite a shock for everybody.
    • By night, everybody strolls down to the Arabian sea to sit on the sand for a kulfi and a head massage.
    • There is no amount that is too small to be recycled, and everybody should be making an effort.
    • You would have to have everybody agree it was a good idea in order for that to happen.
    • All we have to do is go out there and get everybody to agree that we're not going to let them do this any more.
    • We send all our love and heartfelt sorrow for all your family and everybody who knew and loved you.
    • It might not work for everybody, but for some he says it can be a truly life changing experience.
    • How come everybody knows of the massive fraud yet still we are supposed to swallow it and be happy?
    • This way everybody pays and there is no need for the police to be involved in organised swoops.
    • If you go to a party where you don't know many people, you end up meeting everybody.
    • With the resurgence of the British rock scene, everybody wants to be in a guitar group.