Traducción de evidently en Español:


claramente, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈɛvədəntli//ˈɛvɪd(ə)ntli/


  • 1

    (embarrassed/unsuitable) claramente
    (embarrassed/unsuitable) obviamente
    they had evidently said they would support him aparentemente / según parece, habían dicho que lo apoyarían
    • They had evidently heard the planes and were pulling in under some trees.
    • Unusually for such cases, she was evidently competent and clearly stated her wish for the ventilator to be switched off.
    • These evidently represented significant political moves to assert the role of fundamental human rights within the European Union.
    • All these projects were, quite evidently, communal projects and were a product of cooperation among the members of society.
    • By any standards, then, America is distinctive in the extent to which firearms evidently make up a common part of the fabric of national life.
    • This distinction is evidently rough and needs refinement, but one has some sense of what is intended.
    • The poetry they quoted, though it was widely circulated among contemporaries, was evidently new to him.
    • What few complaints there are in this area come from writers who are evidently, manifestly ignorant of the subject.
    • She looked distinguished and we said so, but she was evidently looking for something more.
    • It was here that doubt took me; my enemy was evidently experienced and crafty.
    • The pizza base (handmade with organic flour) was evidently homespun, with its biscuity, nicely burned crust.
    • Cassandra clearly identified with the woman, although she evidently has no plans to commit suicide herself.
    • Even in the face of seemingly unstoppable natural disasters, some are evidently more equal than others.
    • They both nodded in affirmation, evidently satisfied.
    • However, Partick evidently had not read the script.
    • His undeniable sophistication evidently needs something to engage with outside of itself.
  • 2

    según parece
    is she coming too? — evidently ¿ella también viene? — eso parece / según parece