Traducción de evince en Español:


mostrar, v.

Pronunciación /ɪˈvɪns//əˈvɪns/

verbo transitivo


  • 1

    (desire/astonishment) mostrar
    (astonishment/desire) manifestar
    • It also looks silly and evinces contempt from car-drivers, proper motorcyclists and even pedestrians, but I don't care.
    • On the other hand, a bad idea remains exactly that, no matter how well it is evinced in a story.
    • The garage is underlit, with a low-slung ceiling and construction that evinces the massive weight first of the cement slabwork and then of the floors and earth above.
    • Many foreigners have been evincing a keen interest in taking up research programmes in Sanskrit.
    • This is one quality that Bennett has evinced throughout his work, and he understands well why it's so important.
    • It was an indication of the interest evinced by music enthusiasts, who were now much more open to classical music.
    • So journalists, broadcasters and politicians, and those who are often in the public eye, such as community and business leaders, wield immense power over but evince little loyalty to our language.
    • The change from first person singular to plural evinces his embarrassment.
    • Placing the viewer directly beneath the forms of the rocks, she evinces an appreciation of the sheer weight and power of nature worthy of the Surrealists.
    • If the dramatic developments for the last two months are any indication, it seems the State Government has not evinced any interest to solve the problem.
    • Encouragingly, they are now evincing interest in entrepreneurship, and are getting into a productive realm much beyond mere economic self-independence.
    • They consistently lie to the press when talking about security, as evinced again and again by their actions.
    • This book evinces a buoyant confidence and a relaxed visionary quality.
    • Nearly 18 organisations, including those of the State and Central Governments and big industries in the private sector, had evinced interest in the products.
    • Here is a person who has evinced keen interest in photography, freelance journalism, photojournalism, trekking, river rafting, and collection of coins and stamps.
    • Speaking of his craft, he evinces a paternal affection for his beer.
    • However, while respondents evinced strong preference for having a say in their choice or party candidates, they were more ambivalent about how much autonomy MPs should have from their party once they arrived in parliament.
  • 2

    (talent/qualities) dar prueba de
    (qualities/talent) poner de manifiesto