Traducción de ewe en Español:


oveja, n.

Pronunciación /ju//juː/


  • 1

    (hembra) oveja femenino
    • Mountain ewes produce less lambs than their lowland counterparts and fetch a lower prices at the mart.
    • Some of the sheep, mostly ewes, were in shock and had to be carried via a human chain from the lorry.
    • The ewes in lamb are being moved to safer paddocks beyond the museum, while the goats and the pony have been found temporary homes.
    • Farmers have been unable to bring in ewes for lambing after wintering them on hills and in fields, while calving has also been disrupted.
    • A farmer has threatened to shoot any dogs he sees on his land after four ewes with lambs were injured and one killed in a late-night attack.
    • There are now about 600,000 Scottish Black Face ewes in the country after de-stocking.
    • Marauding dogs massacred ewes in lamb in Aramoho at the weekend.
    • A further 2,000 breeding ewes and hoggets were on offer on the day also.
    • They have about 1,000 ewes plus lambs between them and are anxiously watching them for signs of the disease.
    • With the ewe numbers hovering around 200, it looks as though we shall be selling the ewes back in the sheep market.
    • A ewe suckling two lambs growing at 0.3 kg per day is as productive as a dairy cow yielding 30 litres of milk per day.
    • Firstly, we shall be selling in the sheep shed with a full live auction of hoggs, ewes and spring lambs, if there are any about.
    • Some viewers complained about the mustering of pregnant ewes and newborn lambs.
    • Even the family pet let loose in the countryside can cause great distress to sheep, including pregnant ewes and lambs.
    • The couple had kept a flock of sheep in that particular field, 30 ewes and two rams to be exact.
    • Small amounts of meal fed in time will rectify loss in condition, cramming it in later only leads to thinner ewes and larger lambs.
    • Although many ewes have already dropped their lambs, some producers have ewes lambing through to August.
    • Sheep scrapie, a similar prion disease, passes from ewes to their lambs.
    • It was following the weaning of the lambs from the ewes during the second week of August, when we also weaned Daisy's two lambs.
    • A mid season lambing flock of 240 ewes is also run with the cattle enterprise.