Traducción de ex-president en Español:


expresidente, n.

Pronunciación /ˈeksˌpresɪdənt/


  • 1

    expresidente masculino
    expresidenta femenino
    expresidente masculino
    • Mr Evans hopes the now ex-president will visit Westbury.
    • Earlier the ex-president appeared at a police station near his home here.
    • Rahman had been a senior member of the Jamiat e-Islami party, led by ex-president Burhanuddin Rabbani.
    • The Human Rights new investigation will be based on the results of trials carried out during the regime of ex-president Suharto.
    • There's even a love story embedded in the ex-president's historical prose.
    • The ex-presidents were appointed by President Bush to head up a fund-raising effort for the region, where nearly 175,000 people were killed.
    • There's nothing wrong with tradition, says ex-president Liu, who came from the sales side.
    • Even in less partisan times than these, friendships between ex-presidents from opposite sides of the aisle are very rare.
    • Yet no one disputed the ex-president's fundamental premise.
    • Every ex-president has a library where the papers from his time in office are stored.
    • The interview runs under the heading "Our worst ex-president."
    • Lobbying foreign governments to subvert the diplomatic efforts of a sitting president is something ex-presidents simply do not do.
    • Jimmy Carter, a living Democratic ex-president, wasn't even invited.
    • On the night of 15 September 1972, the ex-president of Uganda, Milton Obote, planned an invasion to oust Idi Amin.
    • An ex-president of the Soviet Union has frequently come out against the use of nuclear weapons.
    • A sitting president can, however, veto the release of an ex-president's papers.
    • A Labour ex-president gets airlifted to a prime spot every time.
    • This is looking to be a long week of non-stop deceased ex-president tributes.
    • Famously his deeds out of office earned him the tribute that he was a better ex-president than an incumbent.
    • Parliament decided last week to allocate the equivalent of 60 per cent of the current president's salary to Bulgaria's ex-presidents.