Traducción de examine en Español:


inspeccionar, v.

Pronunciación /ɛɡˈzamɪn//ɪɡˈzamɪn//ɪɡˈzæmən/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(inspect)

      (accounts) inspeccionar
      (accounts) revisar
      (baggage) registrar
      (baggage) revisar América Latina
      (dossier/document) examinar
      (dossier/document) estudiar
      • The doctor can examine the size and texture of the lump and determine whether the lump moves easily.
      • But the important first step was to examine it critically and determine its truth.
      • We will be thoroughly examining the processes being used to carry out this research.
      • This study examines social location to explore the impact it may or may not have on fathering styles.
      • Bone marrow smears were examined to determine the extent of genotoxicity after particular treatment times.
      • Today, building inspectors were examining the sub-post office in a row of cottages to see if the wall where the machine was fitted is safe.
      • Security personnel thoroughly examined all vehicles entering the House complex.
      • Letting his emotions get a hold of him and speaking without thoroughly examining the situation.
      • She was worried because the tot had just been discharged from hospital after doctors had to examine a lump in her neck.
      • Another approach is to examine the area thoroughly, with the benefit of informative and informed opinion.
      • He took his reins and went up to the rail, making a show of examining the Arabian thoroughly.
      • Fire investigators will examine the building thoroughly to determine how the fire started.
      • This editorial examines the evidence to determine whether such treatment is justified.
      • A local government pay commission has been set up to examine the pay and conditions of council workers.
      • At the moment the Corporation has one part-time inspector, who examines rented properties around the City.
      • This paper carefully and thoroughly examines the numerical relationships between the two documents.
      • They say that there should be an independent prison inspector to examine the situation.
      • On the other hand, a truly creative person thoroughly examines the failure to identify what went wrong and why.
      • Yes, must look and thoroughly examine the present state of cuticles.
      • However, he said that he would make a report, and that an inspector would examine the area.
      • The possible presence of pollenkitt was determined by examining fresh pollen with an optical microscope.

    • 1.2

      (patient) reconocer
      (patient) examinar
      (patient) revisar América Latina
      (eyes/teeth) examinar
      (teeth/eyes) revisar América Latina

    • 1.3(study, investigate)

      we must examine whether the benefits outweigh the disadvantages debemos considerar si los beneficios son mayores que las desventajas
      • to examine sth/sb for sth
      • they examine the garment for flaws examinan la prenda en busca de imperfecciones
      • I examined her face for signs of exhaustion busqué en su rostro señales de agotamiento

  • 2

    • 2.1Escuela Universidad

      (candidates/pupils) examinar
      to examine sb on sth examinar a algn sobre/de algo
      • to examine sb in sth examinar a algn de algo
      • Another characteristic of this view of music education is an emphasis on testing and examining.
      • Through the diary we know how well every student that Steklov examined performed in their examination.
      • Every aspect of Davies's managerial ability will be examined in answering those questions.
      • As well as examining their overall mechanical performance, the tests sought to test the ideas generated in the last section.
      • Among all these tests, one of the areas of function that is examined most scrupulously is mental ability.

    • 2.2

      (accused/witness) interrogar
      • If they speak to sheriff's officers and so on, we go into all these things and they are examined in courts of law.
      • The Appellant was examined by Dr. Reeves a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist for the Defence.
      • The plaintiffs were examined for discovery for three days and the Hull defendants for three days.
      • Newbrook will be formally examined by defense committee lawyers in the near future.
      • The Petitioner's solicitor did request an adjournment to examine the Respondent.
      • Sloane is one of the other and Ranse is the other; they were both examined by Justice Powell.
      • He summons and examines the appellant; he may consult another practitioner.
      • No one appears to have examined the complainant for any injuries and we conclude that there were none.
      • One therefore turns to examine whether the Claimant can pray in aid any words added by amendment to the Convention.
      • Inquests are usually held in public, with witnesses being examined by the coroner and interested parties.