Traducción de excess baggage en Español:

excess baggage

exceso de equipaje, n.


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    exceso de equipaje masculino
    • Right, I'm off to weigh the merits of excess baggage and storage at left luggage in Heathrow while I gad about Italy versus shipping a heap of stuff to myself by air freight.
    • I was quite immune to any kind of corruption, mainly because the gifts I was offered by foreign delegates when I went overseas were generally not worth paying excess baggage on.
    • Malaysian Airlines had allowed Teresa 30 kg excess baggage after she told them several days before her return flight that Jeff had died and she had to return with his cases as well as her own.
    • Two goalkeeper kits and one packet of 14 stick bags was not allowed by Aeroflot, saying that it was excess baggage of 86 kg, for which the cost would be US $1000.
    • For golf equipment up to 15 kg, and over the 20 kg allowance, the passenger is charged 6kg in excess baggage.
    • All luggage falling outside the scope will be treated as stand-by excess baggage and will be forwarded in seven days of the passenger's flight at a rate of $US 55.
    • At check-in, our bags were 23 kg over the limit but the check-in staff didn't consider this a problem and didn't raise the issue of paying for excess baggage.
    • That expense was compounded when the eight GB internationals were charged a four-figure sum for excess baggage on their return flight.
    • This means that one airline may grant a special concession as a matter of policy, but if you are travelling on more than one airline, there are no guarantees that you will not be charged for excess baggage on your next connecting flight.
    • Of course on checking in my friend was told that he had excess baggage; the allowance was 27 Kilos and he had 37 Kilos - did he not check his ticket?
    • A Houston man charged more than $4000 by Air France for excess baggage is suing the carrier in U.S. federal court, the Houston Chronicle reports.
    • If we are to be charged for excess baggage or for some dutiable items, we are always prepared to pay the charges that are due and not what is not due.
    • Was it the fact that we were charged as a group 130 Euros for excess baggage on the way home, even though we had the same gear?
    • That rare win over England means that the Scots will fly to Dublin with such optimism that they are in danger of being charged excess baggage.
    • For years, they have routinely and repeatedly ignored and violated airline rules on excess baggage and baggage weight.
    • If I was flying today, the airline would have to charge me excess baggage for the bags under my eyes.
    • We finally reached agreement over what was acceptable in my carry-on bag and the charge for excess baggage.
    • All around the group of intrepid travellers were heaps of boxes and luggage, an enormous 300 kg of excess baggage.
    • He said: ‘When we go abroad for a race I'm the one who sorts out all the arrangements and turns up at the airport with four bikes and tries and get them on the plane without paying excess baggage.’
    • And that because our airport authorities dared to insist that he pay additional charges for excess baggage.