Traducción de exchange en Español:


intercambio, n.

Pronunciación /ɪksˈtʃeɪndʒ//ɛksˈtʃeɪndʒ//ɪksˈtʃeɪndʒ/


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    • 1.1

      (of information, greetings, insults) intercambio masculino
      (of prisoners) intercambio masculino
      (of prisoners) canje masculino
      there was an exchange of shots hubo un tiroteo
      • no exchanges on sale goods no se cambian los artículos rebajados
      • a fair exchange un cambio justo / equitativo
      • in exchange for sth a cambio de algo
      • to give/take sth in exchange for sth dar/tomar algo a cambio de algo
      • to gain/lose on / by the exchange salir ganando/perdiendo con el cambio
      • Costumes and accessories are not refundable and can only be returned for an exchange.
      • In exchange, New York received pitcher Pedro Ramos.
      • The government and rebels remain far apart on conditions for a prisoner exchange.
      • There remains much that needs to be done in order to make the Internet a widely acceptable marketplace for the exchange of goods and services between merchants and consumers.
      • The agreement establishes commissions to delineate the disputed border and provides for the exchange of prisoners and the return of displaced people.
      • No returns or exchanges unless the item is faulty or not as described.
      • The lower capital gains rates apply to sales or exchanges received after May 5, 2003.
      • The second floor, which is accessed via a freight elevator, provides a needle exchange service that operates four day per week, four to six hours/day.
      • In exchange, each student received a candy bar and a pencil.
      • The act is aimed at preventing the movement of terrorist funds, and enhancing the exchange of information about financial transactions with foreign countries.
      • When he returned North, following an exchange of prisoners, he was given a series of ovations and testimonials and had dinner with Abraham Lincoln, with whom he became friendly.
      • U.N. correspondents were at Panmunjom covering Operation Little Switch, a prisoner exchange.
      • Its aim is to develop standards for almost everything, to facilitate the international exchange of goods and services, and foster scientific research.
      • In exchange, the taxpayers receive $10 million in annual rent, which will never come close to reimbursing the city and state for their costs.
      • In exchange, Kansas will receive approximately 17% of tribal casino revenue.
      • After calling the store and assuring the person that she did indeed know how to match the coloured wire to the same coloured connection on the system, they instructed her to return it for an exchange.
      • When a prisoner exchange provided him with a chance to return to his native Groton, his relatives had to come to take him by force back to his birthplace.
      • We do not have to run millions of experiments to see that people value the good received in an exchange over the good given away.
      • Should the Cubs find a taker who can sign Sammy long-term at any point in the season, be it February, May or July, they should still receive a reasonable exchange.
      • During negotiations over a prisoner exchange, English officials handed over this list to the French intermediary, Rigaud de Vaudreuil.

    • 1.2(of students)

      intercambio masculino
      to do an exchange hacer un intercambio
      • It was the fourth time there has been an exchange visit for students of both towns.
      • The target's dependent is in a student exchange program-BECOME THAT EXCHANGE STUDENT
      • A delegation from Chippenham visited Uganda in February last year and this was meant to be the exchange visit for the Ugandans.
      • Emmanuel said a St Lucian team will be preparing for an exchange visit from St Vincent, in mid-December, to engage in a variety of sporting disciplines.
      • Plans are also underway for an exchange visit from members of an orchestra in Prague in April.
      • A Ugandan teacher on an exchange visit to Ingleton Middle School is keeping warm in the cold Northern climes by teaching pupils how to play African drums.
      • is a common statement heard among those who have recently returned from an exchange, only to realise that others are barely interested in hearing about their adventures.
      • This requires intensifying the dialogue between them by multiplying the exchange of visits focused on the political and economic activity fields.
      • They flew from Manchester Airport on April 11 after education officials were told there was no need to cancel the cultural exchange visit.
      • Defending solicitor Victor Clarke stated that Mr Ploet was in Ireland five months as part of a farming exchange and intended to return to France next week.
      • The first leg of the exchange involved a week-long visit to Lisbon of various Belfast artists involved in the project to take the art of Belfast to the Portugese capital.
      • He admitted some people had questioned the value of the Caribbean trip and suggested an exchange visit to Pakistan or India would be more relevant.
      • Despite the serious nature of the expertise shared by the lifesavers, Moreton College's Rob Kreisler said the exchange visit was also a chance to build friendships across the Atlantic.
      • Meanwhile Hamburg and St. Petersburg were, for the first time, able to arrange personal visits and school exchanges.
      • Highlights included visiting America in an exchange programme, a parachute jump and qualifying to fly solo.
      • The culmination of the exchange was a visit by the Foxford Transition Years to Ratingen in March and a return visit to Foxford by the German students and teachers last week.
      • The latest exchange visit was hailed as a great success by Mr Shaw and he is making fresh appeals for people to get involved in creating even closer links between York and Munster.
      • Ms Morrison-Tohol and Ms Wennmacher were in Castlebar accompanying a group from the Hochstadt Kolping Familie on an exchange visit with the local Scouts.
      • The culmination of the exchange was a visit to Foxford by the German students and teachers recently.
      • The group, which consists of 5 teachers and 26 school children are on an exchange visit with Moylough Primary School.

    • 1.3(dialogue)

      intercambio de palabras masculino
      a heated exchange un acalorado intercambio de palabras
      • Recently there has been an exchange carried on within the pages of Swim Magazine that has intrigued us.
      • In fact, she joined in on their short exchange of words as she felt a bigger feeling take over her.
      • To challenge either is to perpetuate an irresolvable debate, a heated exchange of ideas that no one ever wins, which leaves everyone with bad feelings.
      • The visit instigated several poetic exchanges between Dunbar and Cotter.
      • MANY THINK that Corporation council meetings always witness heated exchanges, since it deals with only ‘serious’ issues.
      • A heated exchange of words broke out with a group of eight youths who were standing on the other side of the road.
      • No closing ranks, no calling ‘skank’, not even a charged exchange of views at the punch table.
      • The incident led to some heated exchanges and a match that was always disputed with total commitment and undisguised physicality threatened to boil over on occasions.
      • During one of the debate's most heated exchanges, Copps and Manley unsuccessfully tried to pin down Martin on the issue of campaign finance reform.
      • A conversation is a living exchange, it's when people say things back and forth and no one knows for certain what's going to be said.
      • How close relations are between the MfS general and the prosecutor becomes evident from a short exchange of words before both left the building.
      • What began as a heated exchange of words soon became full-blown fisticuffs.
      • There were heated exchanges at the meeting, with Mr Martin making an impassioned speech defending his position.
      • I am distracted from further conversation by an expanding exchange on MSN Messenger.
      • In Right Appetite, they developed a movement conversation with rapid exchanges, flirtatious teasing, even telling silences.
      • In this private exchange I think the insults got even more vicious.
      • Still, the latest meeting was a good contest, not short of lively exchanges, memorable clashes and the occasional burst of blatant hostility.
      • The extract concluded with an exchange about whether their conversation was being recorded.
      • Then after the brief exchange, the two office workers go their own ways, never to meet again.
      • Needless to say, this didn't go over very well, and heated exchanges were the result of these meetings.

    • 1.4Militar Deporte

      contacto masculino
      in the opening exchanges en los contactos iniciales

    • 1.5(of currency)

      cambio masculino
      (facilities/booth) (before noun) de cambio
      • Currenex, a new business-to-business independent foreign currency exchange, expects to sign its first major client in Ireland in the coming weeks.
      • They never knew about the two-room flats and sleeping rooms he rented, the weekly money orders sent home, the currency exchange.
      • On the positive front, if sterling remains at current levels, the negative currency exchange impact that has hit earnings from Britain this year should have worked its way through by next year.
      • There was a negative currency exchange adjustment totalling €84 million in the last half-year.
      • Consistent with the shift toward a new government in Iraq run by the Iraqi people, coalition forces are playing only a minor role in the currency exchange program.
      • Beneficial receipt may also arise from currency exchange.
      • The cost of currency exchange has also pushed prices higher.
      • Chinese tourism in Taiwan has been allowed under limited conditions in the past, but Chinese currency exchange has never been offered before at local banks.
      • Sure, they benefited from favorable currency exchange, but what's going on here?
      • Another fact is that currency exchange is a profitable business because there is demand.
      • The report urged they must hedge against currency exchange risks to protect themselves from the fluctuation of the greenback.
      • It is believed that the trend may help to realize the free exchange of currency, preparing the ground for the Renminbi to be an international currency.
      • Most of its business was in currency exchange and retail banking and its paid-up capital was only one million pounds sterling, one third that of HSBC.
      • Rates of exchange should be based on this one currency, which can be used for payment of all international trade.
      • This action would eliminate currency exchange risks and risks attached to purchasing goods from an economy with a hugely inflated currency.
      • However, some shops may ask you to pay in sterling and may apply currency exchange and commission rates which are unfavourable.
      • Finance is often thought of as the sphere of global flows and so it is in terms of currency exchange or direct investment.
      • The benefits include only one currency exchange, transparency of prices via a united shopping market and no risk of fluctuations between countries.
      • The daily trade in currency exchange alone is more than 50 times the value of world trade in goods and services.
      • Revenue has grown only 1.4% annually over the past five years, depressed partly by currency exchange fluctuations.

  • 2telephone exchange

    central telefónica femenino
    • Only two years after they successfully fought off plans for three transmitters, the residents are now gearing up for a battle with two telecoms companies over the exchange in Lower Prospect.
    • provide reliable transmission media to all the exchanges by the year 2002; and
    • In September KPNQwest announced it would install its equipment in BT local exchanges to offer broadband DSL services in the UK.
    • The calls are received at the illegal exchange in India using gadgets such as multiplexers and dialers and sent to mobile phones.
    • More than £9 million is being pumped into the North East of England to wire up all the exchanges for broadband.
    • Each connection on the network acts as a mini exchange, sending and receiving information not only for its own requirements, but also forwarding data for other connections.
    • Furthermore, the cost of enabling a substation to broadband is much less than bringing DSL to an exchange.
    • Some exchanges within the 062 area code will require that customers first dial the area code followed by the telephone number, according to Telecom.
    • According to BT, this means that all but 0.2 per cent of homes and businesses connected to an ADSL exchange should be able to get broadband.
    • While he says some organizations do this to some degree - such as call centers monitoring phone exchanges - few companies do it consistently.
    • If enough people in each area are prepared to subscribe to ADSL - then BT will go-ahead and upgrade exchanges for broadband.
    • It hopes WiMAX will allow it to offer broadband connections to rural customers too far from ADSL-supporting digital exchanges and cable TV networks.
    • The government is going to bundle together the public procurement of £500m in broadband services to stimulate the installation of ADSL and other equipment at exchanges.
    • But it isn't practical to use fiber optics for the connection between your telephone or computer and your telecom exchange.
    • Separately, BT also announced that it is extending the reach of its ADSL service so that properties with around 6km of line to the exchange can now get broadband.
    • The company's wholesale division dragged its heels on equipping local exchanges for ADSL, understandably, while it figured out a way of making it pay.
    • Motorola developed the first cellphone system more than 20 years ago, along with the exchanges that connect standard cellphones to the public telephone network.
    • He's just heard from BT that Edenbridge would need at least 400 people to sign up for broadband before the telco will DSL-enable the exchange.
    • Telecoms operators can have unescorted access to BT's exchanges telecoms watchdog, Oftel, confirmed today.
    • Oftel did say the other week that it was finally acting to speed up access to the most attractive exchanges, but to little effect.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (give in place of)
    to exchange sth for sth cambiar algo por algo
    • can I exchange this for a larger size? ¿puedo cambiar esto por una talla más grande?
    • where can we exchange dollars for pesos? ¿dónde podemos cambiar dólares a pesos?
  • 2

    (prisoners) canjear
    (prisoners) hacer un intercambio de
    (prisoners) hacer un canje de
    (information/addresses) intercambiar(se)
    (blows) darse
    (insults) intercambiar
    we exchanged a few words cruzamos unas palabras
    • they exchanged words about it tuvieron una discusión al respecto
    • we exchanged glances when we saw him arrive nos miramos cuando lo vimos llegar
    • to exchange sth with sb
    • I exchanged seats with him cambié de asiento con él
    • we exchanged greetings with them nos saludamos
    • (in UK: on property deal, in UK) to exchange contracts suscribir el contrato de compraventa