Traducción de exercise book en Español:

exercise book

cuaderno, n.


  • 1

    cuaderno masculino
    • I looked inside and it was an exercise book for all his lessons.
    • Make a few notes at the back of your exercise book about what you do now, how you spend your time, what you eat etc.
    • But an empty notebook can also be a sketch book, a novel, an exercise book, a dictionary, or an infinite variety of other things, depending entirely on content.
    • The teacher gave him an exercise book and asked him to share a copy of the geography textbook with the boy next to him.
    • Janie had been trying to take notes from the board while simultaneously trying to follow the conversation that was taking place over her exercise book.
    • In March 2005, according to the mother of a young female student, the classmates set up her daughter by slipping her homework exercise book out of her school bag.
    • Potter would write out her stories in an exercise book, paste in a few watercolours and a number of pen-and-ink sketches and then present it as a gift to a favoured child.
    • In the school I went to, every inch of paper had to be covered in simultaneous equations, poorly conjugated German verbs or pubescent declarations of love before you could even think about asking for a new exercise book.
    • Text making the leap from original source to exercise book seemingly constitutes ‘learning’.
    • He tore a piece of paper from his exercise book and scribbled some notes on it.
    • You wouldn't go to Egypt and learn about the Pyramids from an exercise book.
    • The trainer enters their weights, 50 kg and 44 kg respectively, in a well worn exercise book with a picture of Snoopy on the cover.