Traducción de exhume en Español:


exhumar, v.

Pronunciación /ɪɡˈzjuːm//ɪɡˈz(j)um//ɛksˈ(h)juːm//ɛkˈs(j)um/

verbo transitivo


  • 1

    exhumar formal
    • I had already seen some photographs of the corpses being exhumed and reburied, and of the cemetery being built.
    • Detectives have used DNA evidence to name a nightclub bouncer whose body was exhumed last month as the likely rapist and killer of three teenage girls almost 30 years ago.
    • As part of the evidence gathering process, they will ask Defra officials to exhume the carcasses of cows buried in October 2000-four months before the first case of foot-and-mouth was detected.
    • Yesterday, Swindon police announced they were taking the unusual step of exhuming the body for a second post-mortem.
    • The Pope was buried in the grottoes underneath St Peter's Basilica, on the site where Pope John XXIII had been laid to rest until his corpse was exhumed for public display upstairs in the basilica.
    • I was telling the kids that there was always a controversy over whether Taylor had been poisoned and that people were so curious that they finally exhumed his body to check it for poisons.
    • Collinson's body was exhumed earlier this month because an examination completed immediately after his death was not detailed enough, and had not been carried out by a Home Office-approved pathologist.
    • Treloar's body was exhumed in 1923 and buried at Mungerannie.
    • However, his body was exhumed in 2001 and examined by a state pathologist, who found the main impact to Barron's skull was from a moving object, ‘most likely a motor vehicle’.
    • Sixteen years later, his body was exhumed and returned to France, where it was eventually laid to rest in the Church of St. Germain-des-Pres.
    • After Toma's daughter complained, they arrested the men and charged them with illegally exhuming his corpse.
    • Whenever a contractor digs into Berlin at a building site, he may dig up an unexploded bomb, exhume corpses, or liberate the fear trapped in a buried air raid shelter.
    • Beneath a white tent, men in green forensic suits began the arduous task of exhuming her body.
    • Azemi obtained a court order to exhume the body and arrested the brother.
    • Seven years later, he exhumed her corpse to rescue the sheaf of poems that, in a Romantic fit, he had buried with her.
    • He was posthumously attainted of treason, and along with those of other deceased regicides, his corpse was exhumed and hanged, and his skull impaled in Westminster Hall.
    • As communal tension mounts, the district administration escorts the students out of the University to the nearby railway station before exhuming the carcass of the animal.
    • In East Timor, a few harassed policemen have the task of exhuming the bodies and collecting what evidence they can.
    • As a penalty, his corpse was exhumed and beheaded.