Traducción de expect en Español:


esperar, v.

Pronunciación /ɛkˈspɛkt//ɪkˈspɛkt//ɪkˈspɛkt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    I expected as much ya me lo esperaba
    • I hadn't been there before and I didn't know quite what to expect nunca había estado allí y no sabía bien con qué me iba a encontrar
    • as one might expect como era de esperar
    • as might be expected como era de esperar
    • is he coming tonight? — I expect so ¿va a venir esta noche? — supongo que sí
    • it's not quite what I expected no es exactamente lo que yo esperaba
    • we're not expecting any trouble no creemos que vaya a haber problemas
    • I'll do my best, but don't expect miracles haré lo que pueda, pero no esperes milagros
    • to expect to + inf
    • she expects to win the match espera ganar el partido
    • you can expect to pay £20 a head calcule que le va a costar unas 20 libras por persona
    • to expect sb/sth to + inf
    • don't expect me to change my mind no esperes que cambie de idea
    • I expected her to complain pensé / creí que iba a protestar
    • now at least we know what to expect ahora por lo menos sabemos a qué atenernos
    • The next day we were expecting a visit from my cousin Bryan from Calgary.
    • We were told we had to wait for a short while, as they were expecting other couples, soon.
    • The station is expecting another fuel delivery tomorrow, and stocks are expected to last until then.
    • Holly was expecting her friend Natalie and brother Oliver was expecting his friend Ryan.
    • David Cuddy did announce his intention to cease inter county hurling this year but he is expected back very soon.
    • He looked at me as if I had gone insane, having expected me to tell him to shove off, most likely.
    • Highways experts were today expected to reveal firm plans for safety improvements to a Ryedale accident blackspot.
    • Everybody expects me to continue on, business as usual.
    • I expect insurers and other firms to preserve their profit margins at all costs.
    • Your mother is most likely expecting you for some family activity.
    • Members of the corporate services board are expected to ratify the budget at a meeting later today.
    • Likely buyers were expected to be from America where the aircraft would earn its living in air shows.
    • The lady of the middle-class house wasn't expected to break into a sweat.
    • It was pretty funny, but we didn't expect her to continue for too long, so we kept on going, walking along the road.
    • We expect him home soon and we feel sure he will make a good recovery.
    • Whatever happens, she is not expected to live beyond a further year and is likely to succumb to a respiratory infection this winter.
    • That monastery he talks about shouldn't expect him any time soon.
    • Dee expects him to continue to attend until the age limit of eighteen.
    • Everyone turned to her, expecting her to continue.
    • The Liberal Democrat, Labour and Green groups are expected to put forward budget proposals over the next two weeks.
    • Mom doesn't say anything, she just waits like she expects me to continue, so I do.
    • I'm expecting him to turn back around and continue.
    • Once she had reached him, he expected her to wait for him, but she continued to walk past him.
    • What happens when everyone expects you to forgive?
    • ‘I doubt we will see that scoreline again, but we can enter the game free of pressure because no-one expects us to win,’ he said.
    • She looked to him, expecting him to say something, yet he continued to stare into space.
    • No one seriously expects us to win.
    • It takes place in the middle of the school half-term break when families are expected to flock to the attraction.
  • 2

    I expect (that) you're tired supongo / me imagino que estarás cansado
    • Whether it is a leadership academy or whatever, is a matter for others to decide, I expect.
    • In the main, I expect most of these arrive and leave around the morning and evening rush hour.
    • I am fed up with your council rubbish and propaganda and I expect a lot of other people are as well.
    • There will be good and bad days, but I expect the rehab will be just as tough.
    • I expect he's too busy at the moment to be opening supermarkets in Didcot.
    • That'd be a large downwards arrow for the benefit of the whining Wolves fans, I expect.
    • This is not what I went to uni for, albeit I expect next year will be much harder.
    • The first has so many tracks I expect they're old recordings of obscure performers.
    • The other clipped two have disappeared to a nesting site further along the canal, I expect.
    • In fact since her original words make her look silly I expect she was anxious to have the quote changed.
  • 3

    I'll expect you at eight te espero a las ocho
    • expect me when you see me no me esperes: si vengo, vengo
    • I've been expecting you te estaba esperando
    • to be expecting a baby/twins esperar un bebé/mellizos
    • However, revenues are expected to grow at over 100 per cent per annum for the next three years.
    • The firm expects total investment in these three countries this year to be around €500 million, or half the total mainland Europe spend.
    • The firm expects interest rates to remain unchanged at least in the first half.
    • For 2003, chip sales are expected to rise eight per cent to £7.9 billion.
    • The best place to look for a new job is the financial industry with 63 per cent of firms expecting an increase in IT staff.
    • Nearly half of all companies anticipated a drop in staffing levels, with just three, including two taxi firms, expecting an increase.
    • Farmers are now expecting prices to lift by an equivalent amount.
    • Analysts now expect 2001 sales to jump at least 70 %, to $736 million.
    • The red-hot temperatures are expected to send demand for water soaring.
    • World demand for energy is expected be about two thirds above current levels by 2030.
    • The company is expected to announce its next move in the next few days.
    • Traffic jams were expected because farmers were taking livestock with them.
    • The death toll was widely expected to rise.
    • The firm expects this upward trend to continue as more companies increase space and headcount later this year to cope with expansion plans.
    • At the same time, budget spending is expected to increase toward the end of the year.
    • Meanwhile, the chances of a white Christmas in York looked less likely as showers were expected to stay on the west side of the country.
    • The decision, widely expected by economists, had little impact on the financial markets.
    • His optimism is based on record profits at banks and oil firms but he also expects the recovery in the stock markets to increase receipts, despite concerns over the US economy.
    • The firm expects a reduction of 10,000 this year, with about 4,000 of these being voluntary reductions.
    • A further 19 per cent growth is expected by the end of this year.
  • 4

    to expect sb to + inf
    • I'm expected to do it without help (se supone que) lo tengo que hacer solo
    • I expect you to be there espero que / cuento con que estés allí
    • he expected me to pay esperaba / pretendía que yo pagara
    • you can hardly be expected to apologize no tienes por qué disculparte
    • what do you expectme to do about it? ¿qué quieres que haga yo?
    • to expect sth (from sb)
    • do they expect payment/a tip (from us)? ¿tenemos que pagarles/dejarles propina?
    • that's the least you'd expect es lo menos que se puede esperar
    • to expect sth of sb esperar algo de algn
    • don't expect too much of her: she's only a child no esperes mucho de ella, es solo una niña
    • I soon realised I was expected to be a role model, mentor and support the children.
    • There will also be key objectives aimed at reducing congestion, which any bidder will be expected to fulfil.
    • On bad days I expect heaps of sympathy and whinge incessantly in the vain hope that it will be forthcoming.
    • People do not pay taxes but expect us to provide them with facilities.
    • They now expect me to pay the arrears I owe them through their inept management of resources.
    • The company's customers in India are getting more demanding, and expect service from India, he said.
    • The bottom line is that employers expect you to have some sense of what you want to do in terms of career goals.
    • If it isn't, training is stopped and they are firmly reminded what I expect from them.
    • So why should I be expected to pay towards someone's studies to become a very well-paid lawyer or doctor?
    • Frankly, I expected better from a publication of the Sunday Herald's standing.
    • If you do not have the right to vote, why then, should you be expected to pay taxes.
    • Expanding student numbers has merely led to a needless inflation of what employers expect from applicants.
    • Maybe I expect too much, but I only say what I feel because I think it is right to do so.
    • We went in 2003 and were pretty damned impressed, so we were expecting great things this year.
    • Society requires and expects protection from drunken drivers, speeding drivers and dangerous drivers.
    • When is it appropriate to begin expecting mature judgments from children?
    • Among its minimum requirements, the organization expects approved programs to employ two qualified liver transplant surgeons.
    • But really, I might expect better of someone with a 4.0 GPA.
    • Right from the start, the aging mother, Mag, is demanding, and expects her daughter to wait on her hand and foot.
    • When a parent dies, older children may be expected to take up paid employment and care for younger siblings.
    • We are expected to pay by a certain date even though the development will not be completed.
    • The band could get away with it 30 years ago, but today's demanding listener expects a bit more.
    • As a tenant, you are expected to pay your rent on time and respect your neighbours who live around your property.
    • Whatever the increase is, and however it is conveyed to us, we are still expected to pay a well above inflation increase.
    • We just expected the blood to be there for the transfusions he required during the operation.
    • At the very least, I expect the toys we buy should work straight out of the package.
    • Yet, it demands motivation and expects honesty on the part of students, leading those who are suspicious to doubt the entire enterprise.
    • Students expect to be challenged today and firms expect their students to work at a much higher level than in the past.
    • Employers don't expect you to know everything, but they do assume you are willing to learn.
    • It doesn't matter who you are, I try to treat people the same way and I expect the same back.
    • He had a bit of a go at me and that's only fair because he expects a lot better from me and I expect a lot better from myself.
    • I know it sounds like a very low brow thing to say, but I expect a bit more action from my spy genre!
    • Most of us switch the system on and off as we require; we expect lots of heat and hot water 365 days a year.
    • The notice outlines roughly the requirements that prospective buyers are expected to meet.
    • Bishops in England were likewise expected to fulfil a pastoral role.
    • On the day of her departure, she found that she was expected to pay the resort bill, and had no money to do so.
    • The courts expect appropriate arrangements to be in place to ensure that police notes are properly preserved.
    • Sheffield Council said staff were expected to be appropriate and professional, but no list was implemented.
    • I had to make sure the end result was appealing as people paying premium rents expect nothing but the best.
    • Business expects people to work as and when required.

verbo intransitivo


  • 1

    she's expecting está en estado