Traducción de experienced en Español:


con experiencia, adj.

Pronunciación /ɛkˈspɪərɪənst//ˌɪkˈspɪriənst//ɪkˈspɪərɪənst/



  • 1

    (chef/secretary) con experiencia
    (driver) experimentado
    he ran an experienced eye over the horse miró el caballo con ojo experto
    • you're not experienced enough for this job no tienes experiencia suficiente para este trabajo
    • experienced in sth con experiencia en algo
    • they're looking for people experienced in selling están buscando gente con experiencia en ventas
    • The most experienced authors in the field have come across quite a number of children who appear to grow out of autism.
    • This means that both novices and experienced practitioners can be assessed.
    • It is also an affirmation of his skills as an experienced organiser and motivator.
    • So why should the ordinary person not need an experienced professional to look after their investments?
    • It is measured objectively by the care to be expected of an experienced, skilled and careful driver.
    • Zoe enjoys horse riding and has two horses, one of which is an experienced competitor in eventing.
    • It has also taken on an experienced works manager and acquired two small suppliers of key components.
    • The fact is that it is a complicated case that needs the service of experienced health staff.
    • Invariably, when accompanied by experienced divers, I am wearing more lead than they are.
    • Participants were recruited in their practice or at home by an experienced nurse or dietician.
    • We will keep all of them on and set out to surround them with more experienced players next season.
    • Then, with the skill of an experienced orator, he lowers his voice and leans across the table.
    • I am also sure that this publication will aid its more experienced readers to reflect on their practice.
    • The manager says he still needs three players - an experienced midfielder and two strikers.
    • He was a competent experienced man with unusual gifts of conciliation and tact.
    • Ron's obsession with bagatelle could only come from an experienced practitioner of the old game.
    • An experienced guide will accompany the trip to commentate on specific battles.
    • He is also an experienced competitor on this stage, suggesting he would be tough to overcome.
    • Firstly, she gave a very full account in long interviews with experienced police officers.
    • In the immediate aftermath just the sound of a train left the experienced driver in despair.