Traducción de experiential en Español:


experiencial, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪkˌspɪərɪˈɛntʃ(ə)l//ɛkˌspɪərɪˈɛntʃ(ə)l//ɪkˌspɪriˈɛn(t)ʃ(ə)l/


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    • They are the experiential rock on which the belief in true moral responsibility is founded.
    • The distinction between experiential education and service learning is unclear.
    • Rapid team building through experiential learning has advanced greatly during the past decade.
    • The combination of critical thinking and experiential learning can be valuable for students.
    • There is a very real need to relate the concepts of capstone courses and experiential learning.
    • At best, sceptical hypotheses cover the same experiential data.
    • Hallucinogens are an experiential development that undermines our idea of ‘what's out there’.
    • In this sense, experiential learning offers a form of backward-looking wisdom.
    • Nearly every student begins to recognize that this class emphasizes experiential learning.
    • The experiential learning cycle, which can be entered at any stage, provides a useful framework for planning teaching sessions.
    • Space and time are experiential or phenomenal categories, central to our being-in-the-world.
    • Instead working parties were set up in which decisions were based on experiential evidence.
    • All learning requires an experiential component, after all.
    • There will also be an audition free production to make the learning process experiential at the end of the workshop.
    • Their logical method is grounded in the world around them, and the human beings in it, in a much more existential or experiential sense.
    • It has no effect on experiential well-being except to end it.
    • These tests indicate that both lecture and experiential methods produced positive learning.
    • These can become humorous role plays accompanied by much laughter as well as experiential learning.
    • I do not mean that experiential interests are characteristically frivolous or critical interests inevitably profound.
    • Apprenticeships and experiential learning are often used to communicate it.