Traducción de explore en Español:


explorar, v.

Pronunciación /ɪkˈsplɔː//ɛkˈsplɔː//ɪkˈsplɔr/

verbo transitivo

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    • 1.1(travel through)

      (territory/town/jungle) explorar
      • All members of the party were successful with the trek and spent the rest of the day exploring the site and learning a lot more about the history of the Incas.
      • I spent a lot of time trekking through the jungle, exploring uncharted areas and meeting primitive tribes, some were friendly but more often than not they were unfriendly.
      • Visitors can join 30-minute tours revealing the theatre's history, or explore dressing rooms, stage and scenery-making areas.
      • The town is small enough to be easily explored on foot.
      • He slowly loped around the forest, exploring the area a bit out of pure boredom.
      • We explore the surrounding areas and view the scenery through the eyes of lovers and friends.
      • The area outside Ubud is worth exploring for its temples and scenery.
      • The Egyptian site then remained largely forgotten by dinosaur hunters until the Pennsylvania team began exploring the area in 1999.
      • The compact city is easily explored on foot (not in high heels, though).
      • Around the island you'll find time portals; these allow you to travel through time and explore areas at different stages in history.
      • The company has estimated that by allowing people to arrive in the heart of the Cotswolds by train and then exploring the area by bike one million car miles a year are eliminated.
      • The young girl impatiently explored the large areas of the semi-darkened shop, searching for the auto-frame mechanic.
      • Pohara is a very convenient centre for scenic trips and for exploring the area.
      • We landed on top of what was left of the wreck and, after the usual checks, headed off to explore this unfamiliar site.
      • For the early manned missions to be seen as successful, the surface crew will need to explore large areas of Mars, ranging far from their base.
      • It makes a good base for exploring the gorge area as well as to have a soak in the relaxing hot springs.
      • Many of us have never explored the unfamiliar areas of the city and are often unaware of the full potential experience and new attributes of the ever-maturing city centre.
      • Part of the fun of a bike tour is the thrill of exploring a new area.
      • Though the labyrinth has been explored for decades, the persistence of archaic survey techniques has led to only rudimentary maps.
      • There are creeks which are worth exploring for their flora and fauna and grumpy fishermen living in huts with big dogs that threaten to leap into the water and take a chunk out of your paddles.

    • 1.2(investigate)

      (possibility/problem/topic) investigar
      (topic/possibility/problem) examinar
      • The exhibit also explores how designers double as producers, working to initiate ideas and make them concrete.
      • I just think that we need to explore all the avenues, you know?
      • The second issue for further study entails exploring the options for development that overcome or compensate for locational disadvantages.
      • They're exploring every avenue available and have promised to fight for their school.
      • The exhibit also explores how the structures affect the world around them.
      • Psychologists and other social scientists are actively exploring issues like these.
      • This is why I want fleet managers, car hire firms, taxi companies and individual motorists to explore the liquefied petroleum gas option.
      • Commercial entities, particularly those at port locations are actively exploring these options.
      • Her ‘public ego’ theory is a relatively new one she is currently exploring for a new book.
      • Many businesses have yet to fully explore the possibilities of their web sites and the Internet.
      • I explore this issue by discussing how actions and events are to be individuated, focusing on problem cases which raise difficulties concerning the location or time of occurrence of an action or an event.
      • We asked the groups to discuss the case and explore the implementation issues arising from it as well as the doctor's feelings about these issues.
      • They also can explore all the career avenues open to them through the recruiting exhibitors.
      • Love must be one of the most thoroughly explored topics there is.
      • The last chapter explored what comes through texts, and how we go about understanding and knowing the past.
      • Not only do they not find it harmful, but in some instances it has helped them to discuss and explore issues of theology and faith.
      • In consultation with university administrators, the board encouraged foundation leaders to explore options.
      • He is exploring the possibility of adding Korean firms to his joint venture centre to take advantage of the abundance of native Korean speakers in the area.
      • If a woman had a genuine fear of childbirth, the issue was explored and discussed in a balanced manner.
      • The author explores in depth the obstacles they confronted and the strategies they employed to survive and even prosper.
      • The site also offers general essays which explore themes common to many of the songs.
      • We are also exploring options of what developments could go ahead without removing the covenants.
      • As always, I use the search engine to sniff for clues when I need to explore possibilities and options.
      • Peer-to-peer phone conferences are used to further explore the topics being discussed.
      • The research team is now exploring the possibility of using eye contact sensor glasses to treat children with autistic spectrum disorder.
      • I do not think that they fully explored all the issues that could be explored.
      • The play explores at length the motives that might cause someone to perpetrate such deeds.
      • He wants to help small and midsized firms explore their options to the fullest extent.
      • Members approved the application and asked officers to explore the three options, giving priority to the development of the garage site.
      • The audience is invited to take part in a one-hour post-show workshop and discussion, to explore issues raised in the play.
      • Our numerical study reveals three remarkable features, which we explored using theoretical considerations.
      • To sustain this thesis, this essay explores three interrelated issues.
      • More research is urged to explore the possibility of future collaboration between proprietary schools and community colleges.
      • Further research is needed to explore this possibility.
      • We are having an organising conference on the 24th of November to explore which way we can use this.
      • Instead of saying that we are left with no other option, let us explore other possibilities.
      • This possibility was explored by examining negative emotionality immediately prior to psychophysiological data collection.
      • The first article explores the struggles associated with the implementation of acquisition policy.
      • A panel discussion will explore the myriad issues surrounding rapidly emerging biotechnology and how it relates to world trade.
      • He added the firm is exploring the possibility of contributing money to a cycle route on the former branch railway line linking Malmesbury with Little Somerford.

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    • The wound should be explored, copiously irrigated, and surgically debrided.
    • After three minutes, he removed the sponge to explore the wound further.
    • One perforation resolved on conservative management with nasogastric feeding and the other was successfully explored and surgically repaired.
    • The patient was surgically explored on the second day of life.
    • The decision was then made to explore the ear surgically.

verbo intransitivo

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    what's over there? let's go and explore ¿qué hay allí? vamos a investigar