Traducción de expressway en Español:


autopista, n.

Pronunciación /ɪkˈsprɛsˌweɪ//ɛkˈsprɛsweɪ//ɪkˈsprɛsweɪ/



  • 1

    autopista femenino
    (urban) vía rápida femenino
    • I also noticed the lighter traffic on the expressways into Shanghai centre.
    • Traffic volume on the expressway has been growing steadily since it began operations in mid-1997, when average daily traffic was about 64,000 vehicles.
    • The expressway now has four lanes, a median strip and CCTV cameras to watch the road.
    • I was in the passenger seat of a friend's car a few weeks ago, championing this city's underground expressway like I had designed and built it with my own hands.
    • He'll pull his car over in the middle of an expressway, stop traffic, and get out.
    • The former grand boulevard had been deserted, considered unsafe, and divided by an above-ground expressway.
    • Bad weather over the past weekend affected traffic on the main expressways, leading to more car accidents, officials said.
    • It seemed like it took forever to get those highways, those interstates, those major expressways, all the lanes moving in one direction, away from Houston so that people could move at a much faster pace.
    • I took the long way home, walking along the entrance to the expressway, and was conveniently informed that when I leave here for London on August 31, it'll only take me 9 minutes to get to the airport.
    • They drove on for another 15 minutes or so before she finally exited the expressway.
    • Look around and ahead of and behind you when next you are caught in a traffic bottleneck on an expressway and try to account for the snarl rationally.
    • This is seen as a major coup for the consortium which has won the mandate to build a controversial expressway between Bangalore and Mysore.
    • I drove along a highway followed by an expressway and then took the exit for Kumi.
    • This is nothing, compared to running on an expressway at night with traffic barrelling past your shoulder.
    • There was a frightening scene today on a major New York City expressway.
    • They were exiting the expressway when Manda suddenly spoke up.
    • The driver must have gotten onto an expressway or a highway.
    • The relationship between light, massive layered form and the surrounding landscape is certainly an image one retains of these buildings viewed from the expressway on the opposite bank.
    • "The existing facilities have almost reached saturation point and are under pressure, not to mention traffic jams on the expressways, " it said.
    • Well, there's nothing funny about a man driving a truck weighing several tons down an expressway in the wrong direction.