Traducción de expropriate en Español:


expropiar, v.

Pronunciación /ɪksˈprəʊprɪeɪt//ˌɛksˈproʊpriˌeɪt//ɛksˈprəʊprɪeɪt/

verbo transitivo

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    • He charged that he had personally expropriated the family's property and business interests, which were the foundation of the his multimillion-dollar personal fortune.
    • Once the board was established, its enormous powers to expropriate property and enter the real-estate market provided a new momentum to urban segregation.
    • They cannot just expropriate property by saying it is compensation for a debt owing for customs unless there is some rational relationship between them.
    • As China grows into a great power, the wealth transferred into the country by expropriating intellectual property will propel it forward.
    • Drug companies are sitting ducks for governments to expropriate their property.
    • There, a family alleged that its property was expropriated by the Egyptian government in 1977 and then, in 1993, sold to Coca Cola.
    • The republic did expropriate ecclesiastical properties, but Mazzini was sincere in his assurances that property would be respected and unlawful acts punished.
    • He feared that homestead legislation would expropriate land he needed for his college bill.
    • The City will then reconsider the resolution to expropriate the property,’ he says.
    • I do not understand how the court can have the power to produce such a result as it effectively expropriates my property.
    • In 1989, municipal authorities under a previous mayor had expropriated 750 acres and evicted thousands of squatters.
    • Governments expropriate private property all the time, and they always have.
    • In short, were properties expropriated or were they not?
    • There is no need, George declares, to nationalize the land; it would neither be purchased nor expropriated by the state.
    • The Government's understanding of that article is that compensation is required generally where property is expropriated.
    • The Government member says the proposed legislation expropriates customary property rights, and does not propose any form of compensation.
    • In regard to agriculture, it reserved to itself the authority to expropriate any farm that did not produce foodstuffs to its satisfaction.
    • Few governments place massive restrictions on direct foreign investments or attempt to expropriate property from foreign firms located within their borders.
    • The state or a competent body or organ authorised by law may expropriate property in the public interest subject to the payment of just compensation.
    • They can expropriate property through taxes or the right of immanent domain (breaking the Seventh Commandment).