Traducción de extensive en Español:


extenso, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪkˈstɛnsɪv//ɛkˈstɛnsɪv//ɪkˈstɛnsɪv/


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    (estate/field/area) extenso
    an extensive circle of friends un amplio círculo de amistades
    • extensive farming agricultura extensiva
    • Up at the top, the path widens out to reveal a large country house set in extensive gardens.
    • This, coupled with its extensive gardens, should be of interest to growing families.
    • All this plus extensive hilltop gardens with cross-London views, and it's all free.
    • This is a fantastic walk on a broad ridge giving extensive views of the surrounding area and all above 2,000 feet.
    • This extensive over-development would affect the lives of everyone living in Fulford.
    • After a walk round the extensive gardens and lake, the group adjourned to Lullingstone for lunch.
    • They carried out an extensive search of the area but nothing was found.
    • The phone was not recovered despite extensive searches of the area by teams of officers over the weekend.
    • The garden, quite extensive at that, had sported an abandoned look for a long time.
    • The house and its gardens are set in extensive park land and a first impression is that of a comfortable stately home.
    • This can hardly be called extensive given the area that New Malden covers.
    • Today it belongs to the Rockefeller Foundation, but the extensive gardens are open to small guided tours.
    • Our officers carried out an extensive search of the area this morning but he has not been seen again.
    • Similarly, local hopes voiced in the consultation for extensive green areas are set to be disappointed.
    • The second bedroom features a door to the garden and extensive built-in wardrobes.
    • We wandered the extensive gardens of the home together and came to a steep grassy bank.
    • Now visitors can wander through the house and the extensive gardens landscaped by the poet.
    • Outside, the delightful wooded gardens have extensive river frontage and a sunny aspect.
    • It is located within a cluster of houses and has a side entrance and an extensive rear garden.
    • Outside, the extensive landscaped gardens are a defining feature of the property.
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    (knowledge) vasto
    (knowledge) extenso
    (knowledge) amplio
    (experience/coverage) amplio
    (search/inquiries) exhaustivo
    • After a look at his extensive collection of trophies, it is easier to understand the decision.
    • The Ombudsman can look into all aspects of administration, and has extensive powers in law.
    • With such extensive legal power already in the hands of the government, why do we need to make things worse?
    • Windy Hill Park on the estate is also set to be revamped with a new play area and extensive tidying in the coming months.
    • Your Honour will realise there is an extensive amount of material on there.
    • The Marine Institute has just completed an extensive refurbishment at its facilities.
    • After many years of extensive research into this area I have also reached the same conclusion.
    • Homes which will be affected by the extensive work will be contacted directly by Yorkshire Water.
    • He became President under a revised Constitution which gave him extensive powers.
    • Rosie has also had extensive involvement with the Catholic Church and school activities.
    • The Barron Hall, a listed building is an asset to the area which needs extensive repairs.
    • If at first you don't succeed then institute an extensive and wideranging review of your systems and processes.
    • I have a fairly extensive amount of work done on the subject, and a number of links that are worth following.
    • The public toilets will also be given an extensive facelift and the whole site resurfaced with bay markings.
    • Barker and Adair are thrilled by her snappish, difficult behaviour and her extensive shoe collection.
    • There's nowhere else in the world you could see such an extensive and amazing collection of modern art.
    • The Action Group then undertook an extensive survey which was completed in five days.
    • Such an extensive collection surely implies an element of forethought.
    • McClements also boasts an extensive wine list to complement the imaginative menus.
    • Kumaratunga is increasingly relying on her extensive executive powers as president.
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    (damage/repairs) de consideración
    (repairs/damage) importante
    (repairs/damage) de envergadura
    to make extensive use of sth hacer abundante uso de algo