Traducción de extranet en Español:


extranet, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɛkstrəˌnɛt//ˈɛkstrənɛt/


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    extranet femenino
    • Employees, suppliers, customers, and partners communicate - every day and in real time - via intranets and extranets.
    • Increased Internet use, mobile computing, intranets and extranets, and e-commerce initiatives are integral to business communications.
    • Imagine an advanced call control service that users can configure right on their PCs or build into their corporate intranets or extranets.
    • The proliferation of Web-based content on corporate intranets, extranets and Web pages has provided a daunting array of challenges.
    • Email, intranets, and extranets can move information across borders, around established bottlenecks, and over chains of command - so that complaints, suggestions, and alternatives get a hearing inside the company.
    • But we've found a handful of cutting-edge entrepreneurs who are using intranets and extranets to transform their business strategies, in most cases by helping their companies forge new relationships.
    • What is new is the scope and scale of the application of rich metadata to a much wider variety of content objects - intranets, extranets and even the Web.
    • This holds true for an intranet, an extranet, or a public Web site.
    • Then there are Web sites, extranets, intranets, and other ways of passing information, be they messages or digital objects like a Powerpoint slide show, a PDF, or a piece of media.
    • The increasing use of extranets - the granting of non-employees and business partners secure access to internal networks - which have become a ‘must have’ requirement of conducting business.
    • The company develops and adapts the software for companies to multiple environments including internet, intranets, extranets, wireless and text messaging.
    • And while three quarters of leather tanners have a Web site and use email, the use of intranets, electronic data interchange and extranets is rare.
    • The core business application of 3G is provision of ubiquitous access to corporate intranets and extranets.
    • This includes Web portal access tools provided by database vendors for intranet, extranet or Internet access.
    • The company also implements intranets and secure extranets as well as internet-based applications.
    • Document management solutions now incorporate elements of content management, a more robust database, more sophisticated access control, workflow processes, and access via the internet, intranet or extranet.
    • But that began to change as Clemmons' team started bringing customers onto the secure extranet and giving them access to the self-help application.
    • In many cases, a company's intranet, extranet, or Internet initiatives already serve as the primary vehicle for delivering critical information to customers, partners, employees, and investors.
    • Publishing Web services outside of the enterprise will allow partners and even customers to consume the information/functionality and use it on their extranets / intranets.
    • One of the biggest areas of investment was in company extranets to enable B2B transactions.