Traducción de extremely en Español:


sumamente, adv.

Pronunciación /ɪkˈstriːmli//ɪkˈstrimli//ɛkˈstriːmli/


  • 1

    it's extremely interesting/difficult/important es interesantísimo/dificilísimo/importantísimo
    • I'm extremely sorry lo siento muchísimo
    • they're extremely unlikely to help us es muy poco probable que nos ayuden
    • It is also extremely difficult to get characters on and off the stage dexterously.
    • It was the Cold War that made it extremely difficult and dangerous to be a Communist.
    • I live with my nan and grandad and it will be extremely difficult for me to pay as we do not have enough money.
    • Their togetherness and work ethic make them an extremely difficult side to put down.
    • I think some of my staff find it extremely difficult and challenging working for me.