Traducción de exude en Español:


rezumar, v.

Pronunciación /ɪɡˈzjuːd//ɪɡˈzud//ɛɡˈzjuːd/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (resin) rezumar
    pus exuded from the sore la herida supuraba
    • The experts should surely exude the wholesome smell of the clinic rather than the conservative mustiness of the courtroom.
    • They welcomed us in, lighting tapers laced with damar gum that exuded a wonderful smell and were attached to the walls, giving their house the feel of a baronial hall.
    • The bruschetta was beautifully presented, encapsulating Summer and the Mediterranean in one fell swoop, and exuding the smell of freshly-chopped basil - a small piece of heaven, on a day when the heavens were opening outside.
    • Treatment rooms in the Great Southern literally exude the smell of essential oils - a fragrance that remains on the skin hours after the treatment is over like a pleasant reminder of the treat.
    • On its skin are pores which exude droplets of moisture containing red pigment.
    • Since there is less moisture in the air, the skin can become very dry and dehydrated, as it fails to replenish the moisture that is exuded naturally into the air.
    • Unlike other floral species, the Rafflesia exudes a smell of rotting flesh!
    • I imagined she'd smell of fresh plastic-wrapped computer components for some weird reason and was surprised by the clean, human smell she exuded.
    • Fry over a moderate heat for about 15 minutes until the mushrooms have exuded moisture, then dried to form a crumbly mush.
    • In a 3-meter-by - 3-meter pond, there was a blackish-greenish liquid exuding a foul smell.
    • The entire four-storey building exudes the smell of fresh paint - and of colossal corporate self-confidence.
    • Silk moth cocoons are made of a layer of silk that the caterpillar exudes from glands in its mouth.
    • Under these conditions three of the transformants grew slowly and were observed to guttate, i.e. to exude droplets of liquid at the leaf margins.
    • Above them is a large incense container that has been slowly swinging on a chain and exudes a pungent smell that lingers for the duration.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (resin) exudar
    to exude pus supurar
    • to exude sweat transpirar
  • 2

    (charm/confidence) emanar
    (charm/confidence) irradiar
    • Even though he was dressed for bed, Kayla could sense the power and influence he exuded.
    • The male singer and guitar player exude emotion.
    • It might have been different with any other player but he just exudes confidence.
    • While emphasising the need for discipline, she exuded a caustic anti-establishment manner which at the time I found particularly refreshing.
    • Some people exude outright disinterest and apathy towards their country's films.
    • Affecting a very strong accent and playing most of his scenes in a kind of deadpan sincerity, he attempts to achieve a sense of inner peace while at the same time exuding a silent power.
    • In her face, however, she wore the mask of one who exuded authority and quiet power.
    • Really - it's something to do with exuding intelligence and sophistication.
    • I believe that an artist should not exude his agonies and nightmares to his viewers.
    • The young director exudes the confidence born of success when he says that films turn stale when subjects are tailored to suit the artistes.
    • Dressed in designer clothes and Gucci loafers, they exuded power and authority.
    • She exudes forceful understanding, deceptive manipulation, and occasional cluelessness with a rich helping of heart that radiates maternal concern.
    • He hardly exudes confidence, but there is something steely and assured behind his quiet, shy manner.
    • Niamh has a voice of undisputed international quality and she also exudes charismatic quality, which guarantees a vibrant live performance.
    • And here, enveloped in the power and aura that Skybury exuded, Ravenna understood how true that was.
    • He has a special presence in the water, exuding effortless power.
    • She's as lively and impudent as the title suggests, and she exudes star power whenever she's on screen.
    • Yet he exudes a sense of calm and control, mainly because he has strict rules for how he operates.
    • Officials exude confidence that the projects would gain good speed once the elections are over.
    • I'd read in a book that animals exuded a sense of protection and safety to their owner.