Traducción de eye contact en Español:

eye contact


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    to make/avoid eye contact with sb mirar/evitar mirar a algn a los ojos
    • The children start making eye contact and reaching out to other people.
    • She makes eye contact with him and feels a soul-cleansing sense of self-worth.
    • Students are encouraged to initiate play and make eye contact with the autistic pupils.
    • We were especially impressed by the young lady who served us, with a pleasant smile and excellent eye contact.
    • I looked to the teacher at the back of the class for support but as soon as we'd made eye contact she turned to look out of the window.
    • Well - I never make prior eye contact with the vendor, and I never look at the goods for sale.
    • If I try to make eye contact with people, then they will look back and there may be a spark of recognition, maybe not.
    • Sudden realisation dawning in their eyes, they broke eye contact, looking to the ground.
    • With a faked look of job satisfaction on my face, I make eye contact and smile at her.
    • I wanted to avoid eye contact so I looked away, but I could see his reflection in the window.