Traducción de face value en Español:

face value

valor nominal, n.


  • 1

    (of money, bonds)
    valor nominal masculino
    • The ticket refund covers the face value of tickets purchased for race day.
    • The rules have stated that only the nominal face value of shares needs to be disclosed, but that rarely bears any relation to the actual value.
    • If you buy a ticket as part of a package you should be told the face value of the ticket.
    • In this game kings, queens and jacks are worth half a point each, and the numeral cards are worth their face value.
    • Money forgers usually gain only the face value of the banknotes they have forged.
    • I know some jurisdictions don't even allow you to sell your tickets at or below face value.
    • So far, that set has lured bids of up to four times the face value of the coins.
    • The vouchers may or may not have a fixed face value or be tradable between citizens.
    • Token money (such as banknotes) has an intrinsic value less than its face value.
    • A Seattle ordinance forbids the resale of tickets in the city for more than their face value.
    • Some of the countries have also introduced commemorative coins with the face value of 10 Euro.
    • These coins have a face value, but the actual value is the price of gold.
    • The rest of the cards are worth their face value in points.
    • The actual redemption rate will be a function of the face value of the coupon relative to the price of the brand, as well as the expiration period.
    • That represents a booking fee of a staggering 91% of the face value of the ticket.
    • One of the coins in the set was a 2 ore coin with the face value of about 9 satang.
    • No one was allowed to ask for or pay more than the face value of a coin in exchange for a new quarter.
    • Among them were a gold coin with the face value of 6,000 baht and a silver coin with a face value of 600 baht.
    • By the end of the year, its market value had fallen to 66 percent of its face value.
    • The buyer pays the full face value for each bond then earns interest on top of their investment.