Traducción de facilitate en Español:


facilitar, v.

Pronunciación /fəˈsɪlɪteɪt//fəˈsɪləˌteɪt/

verbo transitivo


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    • The whole idea of this is to facilitate the easy movement of through traffic and allow the town to flourish.
    • Moreover, online pharmacies can bolster patient compliance rates by facilitating the refill process.
    • This is key to facilitating adoption of technology that supports nurses in their practice.
    • The centre is now a focal point for the community and has facilitated the growth of tourism in South Sligo.
    • The air bleed in the ballast tank facilitated maintenance of a constant pressure.
    • The tutor facilitates emergence of specific learning outcomes established by the instructor.
    • The material is organised in a reader-friendly manner facilitating easy reference.
    • The data bank allows states to find out if a licence to practise has been revoked by another state and thus facilitates the licensing process.
    • Tables in each chapter are offset in light blue which facilitates retrieval of information.
    • There was remarkable political consensus on this initiative facilitating the speedy adoption of the text.
    • Vineyards are commonly ripped before planting which facilitates drainage.
    • Labour laws were to be changed to make it easier to fire workers, facilitating the closures.
    • The gardener had had to spray gasoline on them to facilitate combustion, and the smell was unpleasant.
    • Fatty acids have been used previously to facilitate the absorption of drugs by cells.
    • The consent process is facilitated by face to face interviews with a trained nurse.
    • Funding was aimed at facilitating development not limiting it.
    • So, this move has to be seen as a first step towards facilitating the process of computerisation.
    • These activities can facilitate product development in markets where the risks are high.
    • Often the entire base of the bamboo clump is set on fire to facilitate the easy removal of dead bamboo.
    • A start was made by encouraging and facilitating the recycling of tins and bottles.