Traducción de facility en Español:


Pronunciación /fəˈsɪlədi//fəˈsɪlɪti/

nombrePlural facilities

  • 1

    • 1.1(amenity)

      the village lacks certain basic facilities al pueblo le faltan ciertos servicios básicos
      • cooking facilities in all rooms se puede cocinar en todas las habitaciones
      • facilities for the disabled instalaciones para minusválidos
      • sports facilities instalaciones deportivas
      • the hotel has conference facilities el hotel dispone de sala(s) de conferencia

    • 1.2

      credit facilities crédito masculino
      • overdraft facilities autorización de girar en descubierto
      • Well, the overdraft facility was there to service a loan and that was still being utilised each month and at the same time the sons were paying the loan obligations.
      • Owning and making use of a domain name is not very expensive, all internet service providers offer the facility.
      • I wasn't obviously able to contact some directly because their websites didn't offer an email facility or had a disclaimer saying that they wouldn't forward on fanmail.
      • When it came to buying players the bank was ready to offer an overdraft facility on top of that but it was strictly short term; Leeds had only a few months at best to pay it off.
      • The school is unable to offer a pull-in facility and there were only four public bays in the street.
      • The revamped site also demonstrates the full breadth of Eddisons' service by offering the facility to search online for plant and machinery.
      • While some restaurants charge extra for parcelling, the rest provide parcel facility as an add-on service.
      • The developer will also offer a full facilities management service.
      • They can now avail the studio facilities offered by the Akademi at the Durbar Hall Art Centre in the city.
      • Groups who wish to avail of the facilities offered in the Centre should book immediately.
      • Bank of Ireland claimed that it is the first time any bank in Ireland has offered an overdraft facility through its ATM network.
      • Part of that process will require it to offer such facilities as a next-day repair service and prompt attention.
      • The site also offers a CD-burning facility at £3 per song.
      • Later this year we'll launch a facility offering flexible benefits, so that our client's employees can optimise the package their employer provides in line with their lifestyles.

    • 1.3(feature)

      prestación femenino
      this computer offers a wide range of facilities esta computadora ofrece una amplia gama de prestaciones

  • 2EEUU

    (building, complex)
    complejo masculino
    centro masculino
    • Today, there are no less than three designated student accommodation facilities in town.
    • The facilities on the site allow 85 % of current container volumes to be handled.
    • Other measures include working with offenders to change their behaviour and working with communities to improve leisure facilities for youngsters.
    • All dental work was done by a well-known dental clinic with modern equipment and facilities.
    • Passengers would have a choice of airlines, terminal facilities and car parks.
    • I am sick to death of the lack of proper shopping facilities in this town.
    • Car parking, banking facilities and a wider variety of shops are among the hopes for the future of the town.
    • Lack of car parking facilities continues to be one of the most contentious issues in the town.
    • We had excellent cooking facilities at the station having been given a whole room to ourselves.
    • And the companies are investing heavily in liquefied natural gas facilities in the area.
    • There are also disabled toilets at the Washburn Valley reservoir, as well as car parking and picnic facilities.
    • Clean water and adequate sanitary facilities are lacking, producing widespread illness, particularly among children.
    • Also being provided are a playground and a kick around area for children as well as car parking facilities.
    • As well as a second operating theatre, the unit needs more ward space and more facilities to hold clinics and carry out research.
    • Accommodation and dining facilities offer quality, are well managed, and run efficiently.
    • He added that he would like to see amenity facilities provided in the Barnaderg area.
    • Many furniture removal companies operate secure storage facilities on a weekly rental basis, which could be a short-term solution.
    • She confirmed there would be no public bar or restaurant and facilities would be for hotel guests only.
    • Zuma said local government could also provide recreational facilities for children, especially after school hours.
    • It was indicated that if Skipton was to survive as a vibrant market town in the future the car parking facilities needed to change.
  • 3formal

    (ability, ease)
    facilidad femenino
    • It is always immensely humbling for we hacks to be in the presence of the Chancellor, given his facility for talking expertly about, apparently, everything under the sun.
    • Miller's ballet background was discernible in the dancers' effortless facility and clean, classical line.
    • The American scientist was to be prized not just for intellectual prowess, but technical facility.
    • And there's many a time that a facility for being able to imitate a certain voice or style has got me out of trouble as a writer.
    • Even there though, in a movie which tested your patience to destruction and beyond, there were flashes of arresting talent: a facility for framing and delineating a mood and a moment.
    • Your opponent is invariably unfamiliar with it, while you master it with matchless facility.
    • As Eve pointed out, I have a facility for falsehoods, a talent both natural and learned.
    • Feeling and doing, putting things together, are the key to Sir Harry's philosophy, so much so that he believes it is the will to do and the facility to fit the pieces together that have made him a successful scientist.
    • It forced him to question the status quo at a very young age, it also left him with an extraordinary technical facility as a master concert percussionist.
    • It should ‘penetrate the ear with facility, and quit the memory with difficulty’, not the reverse, as in much avant-garde music.
    • Perhaps he was being deeply ironic, although of all the many qualities one associates with John Motson, a facility for gentle irony does not usually figure among them.
    • However, his non-Punjabi audience may not feel estranged as he writes with ease and facility.
    • Only after the show can one fully appreciate the ease and facility of each transition, and the perfect timing of every reaction from one character or the other.
    • Shifting from gritty and fervid to soft and wet in the blink of an eye, she flicks away all competitors with effortless facility.
    • Shyamalan displays a facility for dramatic and thematic economy that verges on Modernist.
    • Along with a facility for languages, the fledgling student quickly demonstrated an aptitude for computers and taught himself programming.
    • Like the loose, readily wearable garment that he can slip into and out of with ease, Gascoigne thus advertises his facility with multiple professional identities.