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Pronunciación /fakˈtɔːrɪəl//fækˈtɔriəl/


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    factorial six factorial de seis masculino
    • Experimental designs involving factorial combination of multiple independent variables call for some inventiveness when it comes to graphical presentation of data.
    • Our trial was of factorial design in order to compare three types of treatment within a single trial, in order to derive the maximum amount of data from the minimum number of patients.
    • Around 1926, a British statistician, Ronald Fisher, while working in the field of agriculture, developed a new form of experimentation called two-level factorial design.
    • One possible approach to make this search more systematic is the use of factorial design, which involves a set of experiments intended to identify important effects and interactions.
    • A 2 x 4 x 12 factorial design was used to assess the effects of light, temperature and month, respectively, on the germination of Spergularia marina seeds.