Traducción de fall en Español:


caída, n.

Pronunciación /fɔːl//fɔl/


  • 1

    • 1.1(tumble)

      caída femenino
      to take a fall sufrir una caída
      • I broke my leg in the fall me rompí la pierna al caerme
      • Apart from slips and falls, Mr McMahon also raised the overall issue of hospital safety.
      • The accident comes at a time when local authorities are trying to tackle the claims culture fed by falls and stumbles.
      • Coroner Jen Leeming recorded a verdict of accidental death, saying that the fall had started a chain of events which had led to her death.
      • And it dries much quicker, reducing the risk of slips and falls.
      • It'd be funny if I was finally killed by something as mundane as a sudden fall and a broken neck.
      • She told us of Jim's sudden accidental death by a fall from a ladder.
      • Since the population has aged over the past decades, an increasing proportion of deaths from falls and accidental poisoning may be related to age and not to alcohol.
      • Mrs Tempest was conscious after the initial fall but later collapsed and was airlifted to Nairobi General Hospital.
      • TWO jockeys were hurt in falls and a spectator collapsed in a toilet during a North Yorkshire horse race.
      • The majority of genuine damages claims were for slips, trips and falls.
      • Falling from heights and accidents involving vehicles and electricity cause most fatalities in the workplace while slips, trips and falls cause most accidents.
      • Employers and staff who want advice on preventing slips, trips and falls at work can contact the division on Hull 300300.
      • Clearly, the message of how to reduce falls from height is not yet understood by everybody working in this industry.
      • Sudden falls, along with injuries caused by animals and fires are also counted among the main causes of children's deaths.
      • Runs up the ramp may be frantic attempts to escape, but end in falls, collapses and rolling back down.
      • Along with all the new action comes the inevitable falls and bumps, which means I'm back to having to watch him closely all the time again.
      • Posterior rib fractures are specific evidence of non accidental injury because incidental falls and minor trauma cannot cause them.
      • Construction sites in York and North Yorkshire are to be assessed by health and safety inspectors to check the risk of falls from height.
      • More than 10% of head injuries requiring hospitalisation amongst children come from simple trips and falls when just running around.
      • Stunned by the sudden fall, and exhausted by the run, they could only lie on the smooth floor and struggle for breath.

    • 1.2(in wrestling)

      caída femenino
      • A fall from the ring counts as two knockdowns, with three knockdowns resulting in a loss just like a knockout.
      • Monty Brown pinned Sabu in 8: 35 in an Extreme rules match, which meant falls count anywhere.
      • The outcome was two falls, no submissions and a brace of yellow cards.
      • He then did a springboard senton but Hart went to count the fall but Kash pulled him out of the ring.
      • Armed with nothing but a camera to record the two falls, two submissions or a knockout, I shall report back to you next week from my hospital bed.

    • 1.3(descent)

      caída femenino
      • Recent stock market falls offered a sobering reminder of how mere economic concerns can quickly look like crises.
      • The dollar suffered its biggest fall against the Yen for more than a year.
      • Five patients had an initial rise of CD4 and CD8 cell counts during the first week of illness, followed by a fall of both cell counts.
      • The central bank attributed the steady plunge of the gross national savings rate to a rapid fall of savings in the household sector.
      • The rate of the fall was slower than the 16.2 percent plunge in June, the Economic Development Board said.
      • More recent reports have tended to come out with lower growth rates, although the falls of the last two years have played a small part in that.
      • The fall in prices would be greater than the fall not only in their wage rates but also in the overall average of wage rates.
      • It's reported that when the Pope visits a city in the United States, the crime rate takes a dramatic fall.
      • The CBI Distributive Trades Survey recently showed a fall at its fastest rate in 20 years.
      • Essentially, the long downturn resulted from the sharp fall of the profit rate and the long time it took to recover.
      • Export orders, stable in the previous quarter, had declined with more firms reporting a fall than a growth in orders.
      • Excessive production of any good - be it cars or shoes or bananas - means that unless new markets can be found, the price of that product falls and profits collapse.
      • At the same time the rate of falls eased in most southern regions, with homes in the South-West showing the first price rises since January.
      • A rate fall is a good opportunity for borrowers to dust down their home loans and see whether they can save money by switching elsewhere.

  • 2EEUU

    otoño masculino
    • Summer is the season when the promises of fall, winter and spring come due.
    • Viral pneumonia occurs more often in the fall and winter than in the spring and summer.
    • In the fall, autumn leaves will bring a change of color to the coastline.
    • They are one of the last warblers to leave their breeding grounds in the fall, and one of the first to return in the spring.
    • The best time to divide day lilies is in early spring as new growth emerges or in the fall after flowering is complete.
    • In the spring, even as the air begins to warm, the ground's frost front that began the previous fall is still moving down.
    • On the farm, there is a ritual - the spring work, that of summer, the fall harvest, a winter of repair.
    • Meanwhile, some new ads appeared in the New York City subways this past fall.
    • We are hoping for 20,000 signatures for when we give the petition to the City this fall.
    • In the fall, they move down in the soil, usually below the frost line, to spend the winter.
    • It occurs once in the spring, the Vernal Equinox, and once in the fall, the Autumnal Equinox.
    • The leaves are used as hiding places for insects in the fall, winter and spring.
    • In addition, I'd like to wish everyone a great fall and winter season, and may the weather be good to us.
    • Last fall, I moved away from home to attend a high school in a nearby city.
    • I believe that the May 2005 election date was to stand as is, but future dates may be moved to the fall.
    • He will have a prominent role in the campaign as we move to the fall.
    • Students returning in the fall are expected to protest the changes in multicultural affairs.
    • The recording was made in the American Academy of Arts and Letters in New York City in the fall of 2002.
    • In the fall, remove all fallen leaves on the ground below the plants, and dispose of them.
    • Mating season commonly takes place during the fall and winter seasons, but can occur at any time throughout the year.
  • 3

    a fall in sth
    • a fall in temperature un descenso de temperaturas / de la temperatura
    • a fall in prices una bajada / caída de precios
    • a fall in demand/output una disminución / caída de la demanda/producción
  • 4

    • 4.1(loss of status)

      caída femenino
      the Fall (of Man) la caída (de Adán)
      • But Melon subjects the ladies to a graphic account of his decline and fall.
      • The decline and fall of a mere meritocrat in a world of privilege is the theme of this novel.
      • In the supposed rise of the extreme right, mainstream politicians imagine their own decline and fall, and their isolation from the people.
      • Resignations and falls from high office can seem a harsh fate but there is usually a considerable silver lining, as Political Editor Simon McGee reports
      • No one is saying why, but his blocking skills likely have some thing to do with his sudden fall from grace.
      • His dramatic exit resolved the paradoxes of his life and arguably saved him a very public decline and fall.
      • As a theologian, I would say that homosexuality, like all sin, has its roots in the fall of man in the Garden of Eden.
      • He floats quietly but soon sinks into the water symbolizing his final moral fall.

    • 4.2(defeat, capture)

      caída femenino
      the fall of the dictator la caída del dictador
      • Medecins Sans Frontieres became the first major aid agency to quit Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliban.
      • After the decline and fall of the Roman Empire it fell to the monasteries of Europe to preserve and pass on learning.
      • That development is the decline and fall of the Russian empire.
      • What is presented here is a discussion of the most widely favoured explanations for Britain's imperial decline and fall.
      • Certainly, North Korean trade and production has collapsed since the fall of the USSR.
      • The battle between Enigorio and Enigonhahetgea reminds one of the fall of Satan in Christian lore.
      • He compared the fall of the Soviet Union to the rise of new media.
      • I've watched the spread of communism and the fall of communism, the spread of fascism and the fall of fascism.
      • What we found in making these selections, is that it is all too easy to moan about the decline and fall of popular culture.
      • Are we watching the beginning of the decline and fall of the American empire?
      • We have a younger generation coming up since the fall of the shah.
      • Omar then left Afghanistan for Pakistan after the fall of the Taliban in 2001.
      • Argentina's swift defeat hastened the fall of the military dictatorship and the restoration of democracy.
      • The essay might signal the decline and fall of literacy, or it might have been written by a bright kid who was bored and wanted to try something a bit different in a routine essay.
      • Professor Child's book should be read by anyone who is interested in the decline and fall of communism in East Germany.
      • It is sixty years since the fall of the Third Reich, and the hunted monster is now a pathetic and doddering old man in his nineties.

  • 5

    (of snow) nevada femenino
    (of rocks) desprendimiento masculino
    (of rocks) derrumbe masculino
    • Oh, the house was warm enough, but if there was a heavy fall of snow, it might prevent the midwife and doctor from reaching the house in time.
    • Schools and mills were closed by a heavy fall of snow, the first of the winter.
    • I remember waking to fresh falls of snow, the muffled stillness, and the sense of a world transformed.
    • Accidents took place during last weekend, due to the falls of snow and icy conditions.
    • The line outside the theater had disappeared and was slowly being replaced by a steady fall of snow.
    • I well remember my third birthday when we had a heavy fall of snow.
    • The sudden fall of raindrops on the ceramic shingles roused Dr. Ichiro Sato from a dreamless sleep.
    • Meanwhile the locked out picket line remains in place, in spite of the onset of winter with its zero overnight temperatures, strong winds, rain, sleet, and light falls of snow.
    • At the first fall of snow, Jimmy and Gordon Todd are out clearing the roads.
    • In the high mountains, where there are large falls of snow, there can also be avalanches.
    • In the Elliot district, which it was declared a disaster area in July following heavy falls, light snow fell again yesterday.
    • Councillors branded it ‘diabolical’ blaming KCC for being too slow in dealing with the heavy falls of snow of January 8.
    • Thursday the weather was lousy with snow and sleet showers being forecast and some heavy falls of snow likely.
    • He also says the cold weather has meant good falls of snow at the ski fields.
    • We awoke this morning, after promises all weekend of disruptive falls of snow, to a tiny white dusting, a little more fell soon after but for now that seems to be it.
    • Management decided it was unsafe for miners to continue working as the coalface was hit by falls of rock and debris from the roof, and flooding.
    • Shanghai had several light falls of snow with the lowest temperature recorded in the downtown area reaching 4.6 degrees below zero.
    • A few years ago the dramatic scenes of a hotel at Scarborough succumbing to cliff falls made national news.
    • Telegrams from various other parts of the country reported heavy falls of snow during the night and it was feared young lambs and early vegetation had suffered considerably.
    • Among the other news which did manage to squeeze its way into the paper was a report of heavy falls of snow in Wharfedale.
  • 6falls plural

    cascada femenino
    caída de agua femenino
    (higher) catarata femenino
    the Niagara Falls las cataratas del Niágara
    • There were other falls, other cascades and exciting spurts of white water in the canyon, and also quiet stretches so clear that each stone lay as if painted on the creek bed.
    • At the foot of the falls, we clambered out and up, past cascades and pools to the top.
    • Cascading in 30-foot tiers, the falls are accessible by trails starting from the park's visitor center.
    • The sound of the falls is more like music than like roaring water.
    • Farther west, the Columbia churned with falls and rapids.
    • The water from the falls had been passing several km through dense forests, where varieties of high value medicinal plants could be found.
    • It feels good to be among the hills once more, especially when we hike the short distance from the village up to the succession of tumbling falls known as the Cascades des Anglais.
    • Even with the roaring falls, you could still hear the sweet melody of the birds and the rustling leaves by the wind.
    • Flowing over mossy ledges or cascading into deep pools, these falls are well worth a weekend visit.
    • If you can, try to visit the falls in the spring as it is ungodly hot and humid in the summer.
    • Then came Bell Gorge, its waters dropping 100 metres through a series of pools and falls and next the thin strip of Lennard Gorge, caught in the grip of two steep cliffs.
    • First he climbs up the sheer rock of the falls and builds a small dam with stones and mud.
    • With water cascading down from a height of 4,500 ft. and splitting into five smaller falls, the Kempty waterfalls offers a panoramic view.
    • The steps are crowned with statues and, again, fountains, which make them a combination of sprouting water and cascading falls.
    • The captain turned the ship to the starboard side, bracing the crew for the rapids and falls ahead.
    • However, when water level is high, the falls combine to form one gigantic fall.
    • Parallel rivers fall to the Baltic Sea (Gulf of Bothnia) in rapids and falls, many of which have hydroelectric power stations.
    • It's 30 miles upriver to the falls and, as we tunnel deeper into the Devil's Canyon, the river becomes slowly more sinister, wreathed with mist olive green.
    • Miraculously, he came out alive and unharmed downstream at the bottom of the falls.
    • Robert Keller suggests that Holmes did indeed meet his death at the falls, but came back for subsequent adventures as ‘the world's first consulting ghost’.

verbo intransitivofallen, fell

  • 1

    • 1.1(tumble)

      (animal/person) caerse
      I fell in the river me caí al río
      • he fell into bed/a chair se dejó caer en la cama/en una silla
      • she fell into his arms se echó en sus brazos
      • to fall downstairs caerse por la escalera
      • I fell out of bed last night anoche me caí de la cama
      • he fell to his knees cayó de rodillas
      • he fell back into the chair se echó hacia atrás en la silla
      • she fell under a bus/train la atropelló un autobús/tren
      • I fell over a piece of wood tropecé con un trozo de madera
      • the house is so small, we are falling over each other la casa es tan pequeña que estamos unos encima de otros
      • One time, she bet Aaron that I'd fall or trip at least ten times in one day.
      • Thrown off balance, the boy fell with a splash, just as the bullet whizzed past his head.
      • The four of them were running, and she kept falling, or tripping rather.
      • Every step she felt terrified she'd fall or trip on something on the floor.
      • Valshar's hands went out at the shoulders and caught himself as he fell and started to turn his fall into a backwards roll.
      • I did not fall or lose my balance or anything else embarrassing, but I was annoyed.
      • When I tripped, I had fallen onto a sharp stone, and it had effectively gouged a considerable hole in both my jeans and my knee.
      • Full marks must go to Stroppy Cow, who, somehow, managed to fall sideways as she introduced herself with a hiccup and a glass in each hand.
      • I saw my mother fall backwards and hit her head on the table.
      • The first time he trips and falls, his mother responds with sympathetic cooing noises.
      • Now, it's my understanding that when you ‘pass out’ you fall backwards.
      • I put my right foot on it, and put my hand on his shoulder, then he quickly heaved me up, making me lose my balance, and I began falling backwards.
      • His brother had fallen backwards onto the grass in the lawn losing much blood it seemed.
      • She kept falling and tripping because she couldn't concentrate.
      • About halfway up I lost my footing and fell a few feet down, scraping my hands on the rough sand, and lose rocks.
      • Trying to stand up only to completely lose his footing and fall right back down, Peter chuckled at his own ineptitude.
      • It was hard to climb down and halfway he lost his footing and fell the rest of the way.
      • A post-mortem report showed heart disease was likely to have caused Mr Turner to collapse and fall downstairs.
      • We'd clasped hands and spun around, but I'd fallen off balance and crashed into the table.
      • She took her hand and with no support, purposely fell into him, causing him to fall backwards.

    • 1.2(from height)

      a tree has fallen across the road se ha caído un árbol en medio de la carretera
      • the knife fell from her hand el cuchillo se le cayó de la mano
      • tears fell from his eyes le caían lágrimas de los ojos
      • he fell down the well se cayó al pozo
      • he fell off his horse se cayó del caballo
      • The rain fell harder as we arrived at a larger town, crested with ten thousand 1V aerials.
      • They were all around us, and when shooting stars fell, you could have sworn that they were going to fall towards you and fall into your hair.
      • He brought his hands down, and she let the bow fall abruptly, surprised at his sudden movement.
      • That meant if he lost his handhold on the roof, he'd fall at least 40 feet, swinging like a pendulum in a huge arc.
      • Nick had fallen down into the same pit that Scott and Sean fell into.
      • Tom steps out of the doorway and falls 7 feet, collapsing onto rails.
      • But as with any thrown object as it falls vertically, it also travels horizontally.
      • I got up and went to the shower; I dropped my silk gown which fell to the floor stroking my skin softly as it fell.
      • The tear drop that fell to the sandy floor changed as it fell, to a jewel.
      • Most of the sugar landed in his midnight black hair to make it look like he had a bad case of dandruff and the spoon fell loudly to the floor.
      • His hand glowed and the gigantic sword fell to the ground, leaving a small indention where it had fallen.
      • I watched her open up the paper, let the rest of the tobacco fall onto the ground, and then ball up the little bit of paper and flick it.
      • The tears fell and she threw her fistfuls of sand at the horizon.
      • She threw the ax as far as she could and it fell onto the grassy ground.
      • Peering from behind my hands, I watch as the horses fall, or throw their rider, or watch as loose, riderless horses veer across the track.
      • Just as I arrived rain began to fall, and inside the cafe Kinda Blue was playing.
      • She shouted in rage as the stunned Arzenes fell to the floor, the computer in his arms falling with a crash.
      • The mirror's shards fell to the floor like rain, each part catching her reflection as it fell and rested on the floor.

    • 1.3(hang down)

      (drapes/dress) caer
      a stray lock of hair fell over her forehead un mechón le caía sobre la frente
      • His braided hair fell down over his shoulders, his eyes were jet black, and he liked to wear a piece of purple silk tied around his hair.
      • His long golden hair falls down over his shoulders, and you notice two pointed ears poking out from the golden locks.

    • 1.4(descend)

      (night/rain) caer
      a sudden hush fell over the crowd de repente se hizo el silencio entre la multitud
      • her eye fell on the book su mirada se detuvo en el libro
      • But she thinks she should have been able to vote even if her birthday had fallen after polling day.
      • Night had fallen again upon the world, letting the world below fall into a gentle slumber.
      • With his 14th birthday falling before the start of the new school year in August 1967, Torrance was free to quit the classroom earlier that summer.
      • My birthday fell during that week, and I was given a deck party, which provided, for me at least, the perfect culmination of the trip.
      • This would mean if Easter falls particularly early or late, which happens about two years in every 10, it would fall within term time.
      • If your birthday falls between June 22nd and July 23rd you are born under the sign of Cancer, the Crab.
      • Instead, as darkness falls, groups arrive carrying shopping bags of alcohol.
      • It is clever, and being cocooned in a moving car while the story unfolds and darkness falls, ensure it is a memorable, even creepy experience.
      • We're just having a little birthday party here for a little girl whose birthday fell today.
      • Three Beanie Baby birthdays have fallen in the last eight days and by tonight when I was being asked to suggest presents for a lobster I confess I was feeling unhelpful.
      • As night began to fall, he arrived at a village and all the hotels were full for the night.
      • Every other year my birthday has fallen on holidays.

  • 2

    (temperature) bajar
    (temperature) descender formal
    (price) bajar
    (price) caer
    (wind) amainar
    the barometer is falling el barómetro está bajando
    • sterling fell sharply against the dollar la libra esterlina sufrió un fuerte descenso con respecto al dólar
    • to fall in sb's estimation / esteem caer en la estima de algn
    • his face fell puso cara larga
    • Sales of music CDs fell by nearly 7 percent in Ireland last year.
    • The average fuel consumption for all gasoline and diesel-fueled cars combined fell by 12 percent.
    • There were prizes in each department of televisions and bicycles and absenteeism fell by 75%.
    • If the Footsie fell by the same amount it would have gone below 3,000.
    • Sales of standard tea bags fell by 16 per cent and loose tea by nine per cent over the past two years, according to a report out this week.
    • After the huge level of activity in 2000, the amount of home and overseas purchases by Irish firms fell by half last year.
    • The monthly data indicate that real GDP fell by at least that amount in the third quarter.
    • The British Crime Survey shows that violent crime fell by six per cent and violence involving injury dropped by 12 per cent.
    • As revealed in the Daily Echo, the amount collected in the Poppy Appeal last year in Hampshire fell by £17,000.
    • Nationwide's latest survey shows the average house price fell by 0.2% last month and by the same amount in August.
    • Irish pension fund values fell by at least 5% in the last year, two separate surveys found yesterday.
    • Robbery was down by a quarter, domestic burglaries dropped by more than a third and vehicle crime fell by more than 40 per cent.
    • Prices fell by four pence in some areas after a drop in the wholesale price of oil.
    • After-tax profits fell by 6.2 percent, following a 4.3 percent drop in the fourth quarter.
    • The authority welcomed news that crime in the police force area fell by an average of five per cent including a 10 per cent drop in Barnsley.
    • The amount of advertising for the division fell by 15 per cent from January to June.
    • Unemployment reached the highest levels since the 1930s. Wages fell by the greatest amount in a century.
    • The number of maths teachers with more than an A-level in the subject fell by an estimated 3,400 between 1996 and 2002.
    • When it reopened the Dow Jones index fell by six per cent.
    • Within the whole sample, depression scores fell by a similar amount in both groups at two and four months.
  • 3

    (be captured, defeated)
    to fall to sb caer en manos / en poder de algn
    • the capital has fallen to the rebels la capital ha caído en manos / en poder de los rebeldes
    • Once the bridge fell, the battle was a foregone conclusion.
    • When the town fell to the epidemic of vampirism that swept the world, it must have fallen quickly.
    • Napoleon III fell from power and in 1870, Hugo witnessed the siege of Paris.
    • He fell from power in 1667 and fled to France to avoid impeachment.
    • Much of this distributive settlement was self-implementing, once the communist regimes fell from power.
    • Kingdoms have fallen, battles are fought and thousands are slain.
    • Ties had been strained after the Khmer Rouge fell from power in 1979, but warmed again in the mid-1990s.
    • Despite the efforts of Washington's regulars and the massed militia, New York and its strategic harbor fell to the enemy in September 1776. ...
    • Where were you on the day Margaret Thatcher fell from power?
    • Damar becomes even more angry, when he learns that Septimus III has fallen to the enemy, even though Weyoun had promised to "deal" with the situation.
  • 4

    • 4.1(pass into specified state)

      to fall ill or (esp US) sick ponerse enfermo España
      • to fall silent quedarse callado
      • to fall vacant quedar libre
      • to fall into decay irse deteriorando
      • to fall into disrepute desprestigiarse
      • to fall into disuse caer en desuso
      • she fell on hard times las cosas le empezaron a ir mal
      • to fall into enemy hands caer en poder / en manos del enemigo
      • to fall among thieves meterse en una cueva de ladrones
      • to fall out of fashion pasarse de moda

    • 4.2(enter)

      to fall into a trance/coma entrar en trance/coma
      • to fall into a trap caer en una trampa
      • she fell into a deep sleep se durmió profundamente

  • 5

    • 5.1(land)

      the stress falls on the first syllable el acento cae / recae sobre la primera sílaba
      • Christmas falls on a Thursday this year este año Navidad cae en (un) jueves
      • the burden will fall on the poor los pobres serán los que sufrirán la carga
      • which heading does it fall under? ¿bajo qué acápite va?
      • it falls within/outside the boundaries cae dentro/fuera de los límites

    • 5.2(into category)

      the problems fall into three categories los problemas se pueden clasificar en tres tipos diferentes

  • 6formal

    (be slain)
    caer formal
    • He fell fighting the historic battle of Naushera, but not before enemy was routed.
    • The General was said to be battered and bruised, but was not one of the unfortunate 420000 who fell during the battle.
    • On this Memorial Day as we honor those who have fallen in battle in service of their country let us pray to whatever higher force in which we believe or hope that the dying stops.
    • It broke her heart to see such a proud and beautiful home cut down in its prime, like a brave young soldier who had fallen in his first battle.
    • Andromache is the widow of the renowned Trojan hero Hector, fallen in battle.
    • To-day is Armistice Day, the day when we remember those who have fallen in battle defending our great Republic.
    • That fateful day, an alliance was formed between the people of the Northern Continent, and sealed with the blood of those fallen in battle.
    • It seemed to [previous speakers] a worthy thing that such an honor should be given at their burial to the dead who have fallen on the field of battle.
    • It began to fill with peasants and nobles, mourning for those who had fallen in battle all that way from home.
    • The figures are the ghostly shapes of bowmen who fell during the battles of the Hundred Years' War.
    • Those that had fallen in battle were buried deep within the catacombs with their name, rank, and race carved into the stone above their urn holder.
    • All we could do was watch on and take small satisfaction as one of them fell during the battle.
    • The brave warriors smiled upon their king as he removed his commander's helmet and donned one of a common soldier who had fallen in battle.
    • That uniform is stained with the noble blood of those who've fallen in battle for their country.