Traducción de fallow en Español:


en barbecho, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈfæloʊ//ˈfaləʊ/


  • 1

    (field/land) en barbecho
    to lie fallow estar en barbecho
    • ‘When you grow those crops, it's like a fallow period, because glomalin production stops,’ says Wright.
    • Excess use of fertilisers have rendered lands fallow.
    • They can't let fields lie fallow to build up nutrients and to keep weed infestations manageable, and they can't afford chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
    • At what point do you switch priorities from irrigating the existing crops to pre-moistening the fallow fields in preparation for stale bedding or getting your seeds to sprout?
    • In many cases, fertility can be restored using crop rotation and fallow practices.
    • The Government should pass a law that allows no land to lie fallow.
    • These lands were retained for agricultural use, but the peripheral areas and the poorest or the heaviest were left to lie fallow, often until the assarting from the waste in the eleventh and twelfth centuries.
    • Chen told the Taipei Times that it was unnecessary to let fields lie fallow because the peak irrigation demand period was almost over.
    • Starting in the 1930s the betterment schemes forced families into villages and turned their farmland to grazing or left it to lie fallow.
    • The current levels of expenditure were not reduced, because farmers were compensated with income supports, including set-aside payments for leaving cultivated land to lie fallow.
    • If there is little or no crop residue, such as when the previous crop was removed for hay or silage, it won't work well to use herbicide for weed control for the entire fallow period.
    • A third of Russia's arable land lies fallow and production costs are one-third lower than those for American wheat farmers.
    • Space between his mangos was let to lie fallow for most of the year, planting vegetables between them when the rains came.
    • Wormers must now record their daily haul, and they are required to harvest the worms on a rotational basis, leaving some beaches to lie fallow for a season.
    • Should we be attempting to develop the site as a public amenity and cultural resource or should we simply leave the land to lie fallow for future generations to exploit?
    • Another local farmer, David Wagers, changed the rotations on his 6,000-acre farm from a wheat / fallow rotation partly because of the research coming from Akron.
    • The council argued, however, that as it had not had any use for the plot, other than to let it lie fallow until the road scheme could go ahead, the possession of Mr Moran and his predecessors had not been adverse to the council's rights.
    • The shorter fallow period means less fertility in the soil and more weeds in the fields.
    • Greater volatile loss was due to more manure applied to grassland, whereas leaching loss decreased with the elimination of manure applied to fallow corn land.
    • The Council of Agriculture has designated 2,000 hectares of fallow farmland for the growing of biomass crops including canola, soybeans and sunflowers next year, officials said yesterday.