Traducción de familiarize en Español:


Pronunciación /fəˈmɪlɪərʌɪz//fəˈmɪljəˌraɪz/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    to familiarize sb/oneself with sth familiarizar a algn/familiarizarse con algo
    • The extraordinary thing about humour is that it returns us to common sense by distancing us from it, humour familiarizes us with a common world through its miniature strategies of defamiliarization.
    • We had a good time talking and laughing while she familiarized me with everything.
    • He said he would be immediately seeking a copy of the proposals in order to familiarise the residents' committee with the precise specifications of the project.
    • The Deutsche Bank delegation familiarized him with the details of the bank's experience in Bulgaria so far, and expressed their satisfaction with the cabinet's plans for quick and transparent privatization.
    • Work in his field was difficult to find, and during the next few years he held various jobs that familiarized him with the geology and topography of the area.
    • A little search on the Internet and your travel agent can familiarize you with the cuisine, tastes of people and the luxury plus the budget restaurants at the place you propose to go.
    • I first met with each of the eight youths for a preintervention interview that allows us to become acquainted and for me to familiarize myself with their understanding of their behavioral challenges.
    • His experience in a health care association familiarized him with the challenges facing health care, but his biggest asset is the sense of urgency and accountability he brings from the for-profit sector.
    • Martin is a patient teacher and he familiarises us with sailing etiquette and terminology without overloading us with technical information.
    • The tutorial runs you through the tools of the trade and familiarizes you with everything you can do in the game.
    • This is an introduction to my story; I will just be familiarizing you with the characters and the setting.
    • With just over four months before the euro is in your pocket the objective is to familiarise you with the day to day practical issues surrounding the euro that will affect you as a citizen of this country.
    • Thus, while Swinth offers explanations for why we have not heard of the work or names of particular women artists, Hirshler familiarizes us with the work and names of a number of them.
    • A short introduction familiarises us with the crucial role of history painting in the seventeenth century, unduly neglected today.
    • Working very closely with students and student life, current and former student affairs professionals say the position familiarizes you with all the ‘ins and outs’ of an institution.
    • He familiarizes us with the politics and leaders of countries that influenced the events in Vietnam, from Cambodia to the People's Republic of China to the Soviet Union.
    • The interface is relatively straightforward and the tutorial at the start of the game familiarizes you quickly with the most used short-cut keys.
    • The emission tests will be voluntary and we won't ban vehicles that fail the test because we need to familiarize the public with the issue.
    • Dictionaries of the history of art and a number of recent monographs have familiarised us with these different personalities involved in the sales of works of art and curiosities in the eighteenth century.
    • The idea is also to familiarise the public with the concept of waste separation and recycling.