Traducción de fan mail en Español:

fan mail

cartas de admiradores, n.


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    cartas de admiradores femenino
    cartas de fans femenino
    • During the last 12 years of her life, Mae West spent mornings answering fan mail and afternoons trying on hats.
    • On the other extreme, I also began to receive marriage proposals and correspondence that could be described as fan mail.
    • We've also received generous amounts of fan mail so we are getting our fair share of good press.
    • The horse even has his own website which attracts electronic fan mail from around the world.
    • I am highly entertained by the fact that I get fan mail now, as a result of my blog writing.
    • One of the joys of being a public figure is getting fan mail.
    • When you get your fan mail, how do you guys decide what you're going to be responding to?
    • Which Hollywood star has received the most fan mail?
    • I wrote them fan mail when I was a kid and invited them to my house for breakfast when they came through town on tour.
    • Well-known for his suave good looks, Khalid soon attracted female fan mail.
    • He says most of his neighbours are behind him and he's received a large amount of fan mail from his demographically diverse patrons.
    • Archer received 2,000 Christmas cards himself, and bags of fan mail are still delivered to him each week.
    • She gets fan mail from abroad as well, and that's something about which she feels really good.
    • He is even considerate enough to take time from his day to answer fan mail personally rather than getting a secretary to do it for him.
    • At the height of their fame they received almost as much fan mail as the Beatles!
    • She gets fan mail from places as diverse as America, Iceland and India.
    • Just had my first piece of fan mail from someone who's read my entire blog in one sitting over 6 hours.
    • They're going to erase all of the email I've gotten in the past two years, which means probably about 1000 pieces of fan mail alone.
    • ‘Darren gets sacks of fan mail from all over,’ said his father.
    • Nora's quirky radio talk show launched barely two weeks ago, but already it is attracting fan mail from Alaska to Singapore.