Traducción de fancy man en Español:

fancy man

amiguito, n.


coloquial, despectivo

  • 1

    amiguito masculino coloquial despectivo
    querido masculino humorístico
    • ‘And to cap it all, Ephesia has got herself a fancy man,’ he might have added.
    • And then his mother had run off with her 'fancy man', so Gran said.
    • A prostitute attempts to make him her "fancy man." Finally he becomes a rich girl's "companion."
    • She only told Arthur, but didn't twig that her new fancy man is a journalist.
    • She also spent a lot of my money last summer riding around with her fancy-man.
    • She falls for the guy who everyone knows is a fancy man, and now she's all upset.
    • In the seven part series - already being hailed a hit - Rebecca's 16-year-old character makes moves on her mother's alcoholic fancy man Frank, causing all sorts of trouble.