Traducción de fantail en Español:


paloma colipava, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfanteɪl//ˈfænteɪl/


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    paloma colipava femenino
    • Lamarck's Philosophie zoologique mentions the great variety of animal and plant forms produced under human cultivation (Lamarck even anticipated Darwin in mentioning fantail pigeons!
    • A fantail pigeon will probably mate only if it catches the eye of the breeder; a wild pigeon will not mate unless it withstands the struggle for existence long enough to reach maturity.
    • In that area were several bird houses crowded with gorgeous white fantail pigeons, who perched there or hopped down to walk around on the ground; a couple of Muscovy ducks; a sleepy dog.
    • I know it's difficult to think of clever names for white fantail doves, that's why I asked you lot to help!
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    variedad de carpa dorada