Traducción de farm en Español:


granja, n.

Pronunciación /fɑːm//fɑrm/


  • 1

    (small) granja femenino
    (small) chacra femenino Cono Sur Perú
    (large) hacienda femenino
    (large) cortijo masculino España
    (large) rancho masculino México
    (large) estancia femenino Río de la Plata
    (large) fundo masculino Chile
    (worker/machinery/produce) (before noun) agrícola
    a dairy farm un tambo Río de la Plata
    • a fish farm una piscifactoría
    • a mink farm un criadero de visones
    • Long active in the community, he has operated a family farm for 30 years.
    • Some species of waterfowl adapted to feeding on rice, barley, lettuce, and other crops grown on farms in California.
    • The 37-year-old farm labourer has one week left to find a home.
    • Private cars and visitors, too, must comply if they visit farms in the area.
    • Only 20 percent of the small family farms in the area are left.
    • The City of Hamburg owns two large organic farms.
    • Total land in farms, at 46,400 acres, is unchanged from last year.
    • The students of the school were told about the need for preserving farm animals.
    • Items sold were mostly local and seasonal, farm produce or locally made artefacts.
    • Your neighbour brings you back a sack of potatoes from his uncle's farm.
    • In 2002 he bought neighbouring farms and his estate is now 2500 acres.
    • But the ultimate cost will be the tragic demise of small family farms around the world.
    • The highlight of my summers was going out to my uncle's farm about three miles outside the town.
    • She is one of four children who grew up on their father's farm in the south.
    • He put my grandfather's farm up for sale and had an offer on it.
    • My uncles' farm was one of three farms on a private road.
    • Joseph began work as a farm labourer and the family settled into Canterbury life.
    • He says that 200,000-acre factory farms fit his vision of what agriculture should be.
    • Every evening the animals will be taken to a farm on the outskirts of Dublin where they can rest overnight.
    • I have certainly come across studies and examples where badly managed larger scale farms have damaged the environment.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    ser agricultor
    ser ganadero

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (land) cultivar
    (land) labrar
    (land) trabajar
    (cattle) criar
    • In 1903, one hundred years ago, most people in Ireland lived in the countryside, farmed the land, cultivated the food they ate and had very little extra money.
    • Farmers began to use a new system, the three-field system, to farm their crops.
    • The grim reality is that the only way to save them is to farm them commercially.
    • As someone who farms arable crops near Swindon, I am only too aware that farmers are struggling.
    • The land was farmed for years, then was changed for residential development.
    • I can't be reassured that the liver in this isn't from intensively farmed animals.
    • He also farmed the land and was well versed in many aspects of the farming scene.
    • People had been forced out of farming their land and got the ‘cheque in the post.’
    • Not only is the farmed salmon crop nutritionally inferior to its wild counterpart; it is also known to be a dangerous source of contamination of the marine environment.
    • To do this, you need to have been actively farming the land for a minimum of two years and to produce accounts to back this up.
    • You can structure your conservation easement so that you may still build one or more houses, farm the land and hunt wild animals.
    • Many conventionally farmed soils around here barely have 1 to 2 percent organic matter.
    • Like all farmed livestock, salmon are regularly checked by veterinarians and occasionally require the use of licensed medicines.
    • In many cases households switch to farming crops that are less labour intensive, but these crops, the FAO notes, are often also less nutritious.
    • Most salmon sold at supermarkets in the United States are farmed salmon, grown with feed derived from soybeans.
    • The scientists tracked the source of the pollutants to the fish meal fed to intensively farmed salmon.
    • These movement restrictions apply to all farmed livestock within that area.
    • Male workers all had to spend a certain number of days a year working on government projects, such as farming state-owned land.
    • Instead, family farming has remained prevalent because people have adjusted by farming different crops and combining agriculture with other ways of making a living.
    • They continued to farm the land but eventually that all stopped.
    • This was discussed at length and it was strongly felt that the person who rented or actively farmed the land should be the benefactor in future.
    • Joyance missed the days when she and her husband and young son had farmed the land her house sat upon.
    • We deserve the grid we have - after all we value commercially farmed oysters over human life and comforts.
    • But although peasants farmed all the land in 1800, they often owned less than half of it.
    • The fish-farming industry was brought to its knees by some report saying that eating farmed salmon can kill you.
    • Indians grew the sugar in the west and farmed their land with great quantities of artificial fertilizers.
    • I rejoice in the sustainable food source that is farmed livestock.
    • The latest statistics showed that around one in six farmhouses in the region have been sold to people who had no intention of farming the land themselves.
    • He resided just across the road from Burke's Shop where he farmed his land.
    • Biodiverse farming involves simultaneously farming several crops.
    • It is really a culture of farming where food and farming the land are the center of the celebration of human culture.
    • Two of them were game farms and the rest were used to farm crops and livestock.
    • Campaigners are also lobbying the government to increase the percentage of organically farmed land.
    • They have farmed their dairy herd at Gorsehill Abbey Farm for many years.
    • Bob farmed the land where the couple's home now stands.
    • He farmed some land, growing much of what my mother served our family at dinner time.
    • Castor plants that are free of ricin and allergens could renew interest in farming this crop.
    • Drawing on his experience raising tilapia on fish farms in South America years ago, Warner embarked on an effort to farm the breed in big indoor tanks.
    • Together she and her husband farmed the ranch land, and she bore seven children.